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Siberian Tiger Alliance Milestone

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Siberian Tiger Alliance Milestone Announcement

I am pleased to annouce the Siberian Tiger Alliance has reached the 200 member milestone today for the first time in her history. After coming out of the recent war with 87 battle hardened members the alliance has grown rapidly thanks to many people who have recruited new members and those in the alliance that have made new members welcome and helped keep them in the alliance.


Special thanks to Rabbs, Madmonkey24 (no longer an STA member) and hiyouuk for their individual recruitment efforts and to Lizzardtheone for his recent efforts in the recruitment department.

The Siberian Tiger Alliance is very proud of this achievement and we look forward to continued growth both in numbers and strength.

Za Sibir'!

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I guess honour does mean something in CN after all, especially if you guys have more than doubled in size (numbers-wise) in the last seven months or so. :awesome:

Start building those new members up, and you should have three mil in no time.

Za Sibir'! o/ Congratulations, guys.

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Excellent! The ski's the limit for the STA.

We enjoy skiing in Siberia, of that you are correct but we are in no way limited by skiing :P

This announcement pleases me a lot and now we have to work on our ANS and total alliance NS.

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