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The creation of the Strategic Information and Action Core


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The Desert Road:

A lonely, deserted stretch of asphalt wound its way over the rolling terrain. Low lying scrub hid the red volcanic dirt. And lying down in it, listening to the radioed instructions thought the helmets of their battlesuits, were a group of the new SIAC. They were to cross roughly 100km of terrain, with regular GAA troops providing the opposition. Their basic training (ooc: consider them to be NZ SAS to start, having passed equivilent) had included missions like this, evade capture, and reach extraction.

This one was different. This had the horrible objective of having enemies on all sides, with air and armour among the opposition this time. They were broken into fire squads of six, three riflemen, an Anti Infantry Rifleman (AIR) and and Anti Materiel Riflemen (AMR), and one Sergeant. Armed with the new RX-377 for the riflemen, the also carried sapping equipment, combat rations while the AMR used the GA 25mm - AM rifle, and the AIR used GA 12.5mm - Sniper Rifle.

With all this opposition, just completing the mission would be hard. They were to cross enemy held terrain, in late autumn, with snow and horrible cold, against prepared, well armed opposition, make targeted covert strikes against strategic positions including vehicle targets, and then make one deep strike to assault a camp, rescue a hostage, and retreat back across the exercise ground, a round trip through all of the objectives of nearly 300km.

They would not have all the normal bells and whistles that they could call upon, such as thermal scans, sleeper agent prepared caches, and full military support, gunships, tank regiments etc.

So, they were lying there in the cold, desolate ground, counting down to the start of the exercise.

"5 seconds men. Wait for it.... And, operation CUTTHROAT is go."

And nothing happened. They would wait til dark before making their movements.....

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