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Multicolored Cross-X Alliance Announcement

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Greetings, Planet Bob. For those of you who don't remember our recent government update announcement, I am Francesca- MCXA's new MoFA. I have been looking through all the embassies at our forums and I've noticed that some of them are rather inactive. Without naming names, some of them haven't been active since November last year :P. Therefore, I have decided that unless these embassies show some activity in the next seven days, they will be moved to our archives and lose their status as functioning embassies.

Seriously though, we'd love to chat with you all- send some diplomats over, drop by MCXA's new boardwalk or partake in some spamming, request an embassy if you don't already have one (or get things rolling in your old one) and we can get talks started :). Props to all the alliances who DO have active embassies.


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I've sent out the message to all TOOL diplomats that the new assignment list has been dropped, and the guy I'm sending to MCXA is active enough that I'll whack him upside the head if he isn't there by the end of the weekend :P

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