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FAN Declaration of Victory and Peace

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Federation of Armed Nations

is pleased to announce:

The Federation of Armed Nations hereby accepts the total and unconditional surrender of the New Pacific Order and its co-belligerents. FAN Congress and Military Command were contacted early this morning upon word that Arseanistan had been smote by the mighty fist of Admin for attempted abuses of the powers of nature.

Following the total annihilation of their leader, the Imperial Officers approached FAN broken, repentant, and begging for guidance.

From this moment, FAN accepts the total surrender of the NPO. White peace shall begin between our peoples. Forum trolling shall hopefully come to an end, although given our differing ideologies and FAN's commitment to personal freedom of speech, we cannot guarantee its cessation. FAN will be providing specialists to assist devastated NPO communities in their rebuilding efforts, devoid of the overbearing micromanagement influence of the self-centered Imperial Officer corps. Wheat shall be flown in by the C-5B Galaxy-load until caek and pie bake freely in Pacifican borders once more. Hookers are being rationed, tested for quality, and distributed as needed to the outlying regions. Booze and blow are being stockpiled and airdrop plans being drafted as we speak.

Ladies and gentlemen, the impossible that so many laughed at, scoffed at, and spit at for not months but years, has come to pass. NPO, through their own treachery and heinous malfeasance, created a righteous enemy that they could not ultimately destroy. And now, having broken their own spine and spirit, instead of destroying them in Pacifica's weakest moment that same enemy will rebuild them into a honorable and relevant alliance that will be a positive contributing force in this community on this small pockmarked globe.

The war is over. The Minuteman, in its brilliant sable and gold, is flying proudly in the sun, and a new, brighter day has dawned for all of us to move forward into broad, sunlight uplands.

Let us therefore brace ourselves for this task ahead - a virtuous world built not on the wielding of power, but of reason; not on the leverage of rewritten truth but of a vocal communal history; not on political deceit and isolation, but of connection and mutual betterment. Let us honor and make the best of the brighter future that so many have given so much to gift us with.

We made war that we may live in peace.


Abe Vigoda, non-decommissioned mob officer

REDACTED, Chief of Resistance Operations

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There was a total of 3,129 moderator actions that took place throughout the night with most coming from the users Blacky performing 393 mod actions and TrotskysRevenge who performed 10 mod actions. We have patched up the security breaches and are preparing to file litigation against those responsible for the moderator actions and resulting damages.

Who would have thought this would be their downfall?

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So.. help me understand.

You have been lucky enough to get some independent support for a 'Free FAN' campaign, which may or may not be successful.*

And then you do this? Seems to lack a little wisdom. It's too late for April Fools.

*yeah, probably more likely not, but who knows?

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