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Alvonia recruits begin training - Borders security tightened

Markus Wilding

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OOC: Hmm? Wehrmacht is German for Armed forces, not a thing wrong with that.

OOC: I think he meant this:

Hidolf Atler, in his first move as president, has ordered 2,000 new recruits put into training for the Alvonia Wehrmacht. At the same time, 1,500 are drafted for extreme Oberstes Korps training due to begin next week.

Atler has also started tightening up border strength.

Try using another RP name...

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The recruits have begun extensive training for sniping, artillery aiming, tank tactics, storming trenches, storming houses and many other operations. Each soldier is equipped with either a Kar98k or a M1 Garand. As the training goes on, these are replaced by other weapons as the drill sergeants take notes on how well they do in certain areas.

Border strength has also increased slightly as well. All available artiller is put in a 22-hour watch with snipers posted about for any possible terrorists/invaders.

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