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Nations of Ascended Honor


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Nations of Ascended Honor


Hello, I'm Elbows, member of NOAH.

NOAH is a mainly neutral alliance, founded by Sir Sci over 2 years ago, based on the Principles of Honor and Integrity.

Nations Of Ascended Honor (NOAH) is an alliance held to the standards of integrity, honor, and respect. Its purpose will not to be a top tier alliance, or even a powerful alliance in any respect. The purpose of NOAH is for its nations to represent their selves and their alliance with dignity, and not political issues. Yes, it will function like a normal alliance, trying to grow to better itself. The imperative shall, however, be placed on honor, not power. For what greater power is there then integrity?

NOAH is currently in the process of overcoming several internal issues, and we need active members, willing to work hard, and maybe take up government positions to help bring us back into the CN Political Scene.

Forums: s3.invisionfree.com/Cybernations_NOAH

IRC: #NOAH (irc.coldfront.net)

If you're interested, register on the forums, PM here or In-game, or find me on IRC.

- Elbows

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Ok, so NOAH isn't doing too well. We lost a lot of members to inactivity, and we need more. If you're interested in joining an alliance, to make a name for yourself, or even a merger, PM me ASAP.

- Elbows/Redoran

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