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Announcements from The Foreign Division

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No April Foolin' here! Here is the recently finalized government of The Foreign Division:

Minister of Security: ZeroSolider

Minister of Foreign Affairs: SupremePrince

Minister of Internal Affairs: GearHead

Minister of Economic Affairs: Thierra

Director of the Bank: Legend

For the observant ones, you'll notice that we divided the Bank out and gave it its own Minister-level manager.

Also, everyone should drop by our new forums to see the April Fool's Joke our Admins played on us. I leave it at this: "The Fluffy Division".

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Hey, when TFD agreed to the surrender terms you guys promised to make reference to Tank's sexiness in every announcement.

Haha there's only so much secksi that can be involved in any one announcement.

The Fluffy Division put us over our quota - sorry!

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The Admins are SO evil to us...


Could it get any worse??

Edit: Just to add, those new forums aren't just our old forums that the admins messed with, they're actually brand new forums on a brand new domain. Go check it out, even if the Fluffy side is a bit...err...awkward...

Edited by GearHead
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