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What is this I just took a picture of?

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Ladies and gentleman, a time comes in every journey to stop and take honest stock of your travels, of the things that you have done, and the things that have been done to you. I have just endured one of those times.

Crimes cannot go unpunished, and I can not quell the mighty voice of my conscious. Farkistan is not what it once was. I served 18 months in gov vigorously defending and fighting for what I thought was right, and in the end my opposing viewpoint was, it would seem, enough to cause me to be forcibly removed from my post and ousted from the alliance as a whole.

As it stands, I cannot sit idly by any longer. I will be heard. We will be heard. I hereby condemn the alliance of Farkistan for crimes great and small against a loyal minority, and for wantonly pursuing a position that pure logical demonstrates to be total folly, a sure and steady path to destruction and damnation.

Knowledge is a mighty weapon, so I invite any of the poor and misguided souls remaining in Farkistan to join us on this day, join us in divesting ourselves of the lies and of the sin inherent in your megalomaniac leaderships' follies.

Essentially, what I am trying to say is that the crew of the FSS Streetlight, formerly of the Farkistani Fleet, hereby secedes and severs all ties with the desiccated corpse of the glory that spawned them, and announces the formation of The Streetlight, through which, we can only hope, purity and righteousness can limp on.

CaptainImpavid, The Streetlight

P3, The Searchlight

Manwithplanx, The Laser

Nuke Me Please, The Desk Lamp

GypsyFire, The Beacon

TheBigMike1983, The Kind of Light That Shines on Texas

Mattistan, This Little Light of Mine I'm Going To Let It Shine.

Tumultuous Papaya, The Flash

Sk1, The Compact Flourescent

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