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New Era For Citadel

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Citadel stands strong and united, as such will take steps to reflect this Unity. Citadel is now hereby represented by King Methrage and the newly formed governing body. Great things will come of this New Citadel Era, free drinks to all.

Citadel Libertarian Monarchy Government

King - Methrage

Princess - uaciaut

Assassin - Feanor

Royal Jester - SomeGuy

Bishop - Defroster

Knight - mrcalkin

Grand Duke - Xavii

Queen - Saber

Queen Mother - Avernite

Chief Inquisitor - Bodvar Jarl

Butler - Dr. Dan

Royal Umbrella - Sceptor

Chief Quality Tester and Inspector of the Royal Harem - Chill

Court Midget - roquentin

Imperial Goat - Jeoh

Chef of the Court - ajaxpenny

Chief Minister of Doing Nothing - Dochartaigh

Lord High Pontificator - Bob Janova

Chief of Internal Security - necAnt

Village Whore - Choader

Butler's Dogsbody - threefingeredguy

Court Jester of Citadel - President Obama


Pirate - Omas Nams

ManWhore - LiquidMercury

Royal Sex Ed Master - MaineGOP

Raider - ender land

Elite Ninja - Ejayrazz

Royal Penguin - DJPenguin

Village Idiot - terveis

Lord High Procrastinator - HellAngel

Royal Wench - Reyne

Edited by Methrage
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Top Posters In This Topic

Now King Methrage as your Sex Ed instructor, your many wives have said you need some lessons. Also please when will you decree that ToG is a member of Cit :P

The King needs no lessons, go teach the princess something new. ;)

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