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Declaration of Revenge


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Official Announcement from the MHA

Dear "The Order of Grämlins",

Your pathetic betrayal of us has not gone unnoticed. Yet we fear that one may not pick up on that by looking at the war screens. So we're going to help those watchers out by sending a fresh Vogon Destructor Fleet your way.

Real men fight bare fisted, so we declare this war Tank Free.

(In addition, your flag is pretty ugly.)

Signed with love:

DJ Crushtor - Triumvir of Heavy Metal and other dense minerals.

Johnny McSorum - CN Superstar and lover of many women.

Andy - Double Crossing !@#$%^&

CptGodzilla - Mad Dog Commander

FireGuy15207 - Is horrible with forced wittiness

John Mathews - Deputy Mad Dog

Shamshir - Official MHA spy in TOG

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