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The Newfoundland proposal


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John Taylor picked up a phone that was sitting nearby and pressed in several numbers, he waited for an answer and was greeted by a man with a strong African accent

"Welcome to de jubra mercenree hotline"

"Hello, I would like to speak to General Breya"

"Hold on, I will get him for you"

*few minutes later*

"Hello, this in General Breya"

"Hello, I would like to propose a job for you and 10,000 of your men"

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"Only 10,000? A small order, but it will have to do," Breya said with a smile. "I need a name, see. You cannot be ordering me mercenaries without a name, location, and up-front payment."

"I am John Taylor, you may better know me as the president of the new nation of Newfoundland, I will pay 7 million up front and 3 million when the job is done, when you arrive in St Johns I will tell you what the job is, I don't trust the phones here"

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"I am John Taylor, you may better know me as the president of the new nation of Newfoundland, I will pay 7 million up front and 3 million when the job is done, when you arrive in St Johns I will tell you what the job is, I don't trust the phones here"

"Your will be done, President Taylor."

Breya shut the phone down. Seven million up front, three when the job is done? He could barely have pulled two million from somebody willing - and that would be after the job was done. He could buy a lot with ten million dollars. He could buy a lot more with more than ten million.. Taylor didn't exactly seem like a smart man.

Your will be done.

An hour after the "appointment", several dozen large planes prepped with the first wave.

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John Taylor waited at the airfield and watched as planes started to touch down, he had explained to his ministers that these people were being hired as a temporary military until an official one could be formed. John watched as the first plane came to a stop and began to walk towards it.

John stood at the back of the plane as it opened and a large black man walked towards him.

"General Breya I presume"

"Yes, and you are Mr. Taylor?"

"Indeed, walk with me, I have to explain what I hired you for"

"very well"

*John Taylor proceeds to explain the plan (OOC: leaving it out so you don't know everything before it happens)*

After the plan was explained General Breya looked at Taylor

"You are an ambitious man Mr. Taylor, we will make it happen"

"Thank you"

John proceeded to walk to his waiting limo.

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OOC: Jeff asked me to take over the mercenaries, so that's what I'm doing.

As President Taylor's limousine disappeared in the horizon, General Breya began assembling the newly arrived personnel. In total, they numbered 10,000. Surely, it didn't seem like a powerful force, but those men were very well trained and equipped. Indeed, Artemis' men was nothing to $%&@ around with, regardless of how many of them there were. Newfoundland, by now a country of roughly 5,2 Million people, would not stand to the might, class and determination of the Mercenaries.

Breya called up the leaders of each squad and ordered a roll call to be done, so to ensure all men were there. After a number of minutes, it was made a fact that precisely ten thousand men were present. Then, he proceeded to pass on the instructions. All of the Mercenaries knew what they were going to do already, but Breya would touch the final details. And thus the General spoke with a bold and loud voice:

"Alright. As all of you are aware of, we are here to fulfill the demands of our client. And as all of you remember, his wishes are as follow: seize control of the whole island so it can be ruled by our customer. Now, how we are going to go about it is simple: St John's, Newfoundland's capital, must be taken over. This includes seizing control of all government buildings (with legislative ones being preferential), as well as law enforcing offices and communication structures, so our client's intentions can be broadcast. None of you are to shoot anyone unless you are fired at first - we do not want the people to have a first impression on us of "invaders", but rather, "stabilizers"""

"Then, as we secure the capital, smaller squadrons will be dispatched to Grand Falls-Windsor, Corner Brook and other middle-sized cities on the island. The goal on those areas is to merely take over the city halls, a communication centers, relay our message and keep the population under control."

"However, it is essential that while we are securing the cities our Commando squads stealthily break into residences of prominent politicians and public figures, and kidnap them, so to not allow them to dissent publicly against our operation and avoid any potential opposition to our client. And lastly, once he assures control of his country, in order to close the curtains, we execute "operation mATAr"

"This is all that I wanted to convey, my men. Follow the subsequent instruction of your leaders. Do not disappoint me, or our client.'

And thus, the mercenaries cheered for a short amount of time, then proceeded to get into formation and got into their respective army trucks, which were previously stationed in the airfield. 8,000 mercenaries, as well as General Breya, made their way to St John's, while the remaining 2,000 headed for the smaller cities.

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Taylor sat in a room staring at a phone, the only person who knew the number for it was General Breya who would be calling any time now that the forces were ready to strike. After a few more minutes the phone rang, Taylor quickly answered it.

"General Breya?"

"Yes, all my men are in position, we are waiting for the go ahead"

Taylor walked to the window of his personal study and looked at the city, in a matter of hours it would all be his.

"Very well, you have the go ahead"

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11:30 PM

General Breya, in an almost mechanical reaction to the "go ahead" words, closed his cellphone and through a radio transmitter, conveyed the following message to all of those driving the trucks carrying the Mercenaries:

"Move on to your assigned destination right now. Drop off the Mercenaries on them, and nowhere else. By this point, they have been briefed in regards to their specific movements. Now, go."

With another transmitter, he relayed orders to the commando squads:

"Initiate abductions right now. Jam communications and temporarily cease electricity, gas and water supplies for the whole of St. John's until it is confirmed that the nation's capitol has been ceased."

And thus the might and skill of mercenaries hailing from Artemis was unleashed upon the establishment of Newfoundland. Within a minute after the operation began, the already positioned commandos disturbed the water supply by reducing water pressure to ridiculous levels, shut down the power plants of the city and all known media broadcasters and assorted communication centers were accordingly jammed. St. John's had fallen to the darkness, and Breya's men were free to move as they pleased.

Police Stations were swiftly taken over. Officers did not dare resist, for the Mercenaries were armed to the teeth, and going against them would be suicide. Ministerial buildings were seized almost as quickly, with panicked workers being told to stay calm - and they'd comply, it's not like they could do anything else. After the commando teams had slipped out, main mercenary groups entered communication centers and kept its workers on check, as well as preparing the set to relay the client's message to the nation. The nation's capitol building fell rather slowly as seemingly there was a rendezvous of politicians in the building. However, the people inside eventually subdued to the fear of being mowed down by assault rifles, explosives and other violent ways of dying.

On the meanwhile, the commandos, after the sabotaging missions, set off for the residences of influential individuals of the country, including politicians, businessmen, lobbyists and whatnot. Breaking into houses and swiftly rappelling apartment buildings, the targets were sedated so to not create noise through resistance. Those people were taken to some abandoned warehouses in the outskirts of the city, which were being in the process of being converted into makeshift base of operations for the Artemis mercenaries.

The seizure of the city went highly smoothly, with all key points being under the control of the Mercenaries within half of an hour - additionally, the city's streets were already being patrolled intensely by the mercenary army. St. John's had no means of resistance and thus it fell to Breya's men with virtually no blood being shed.

As he received confirmation of all of his units accomplishing their goals, he ordered public utility services and communications to be restored, which was done in a matter of seconds by his troops, who took over the main supply stations as the commandos left to do the abductions.

The ground was now set for President Taylor to relay his address to the nation - with all opposition suppressed, and mercenaries ensuring his grip over Newfoundland, he was free to say whatever he wanted in front of the whole Newfie populace.

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John Taylor stood in a room staring at a camera with what seems like a wall of lights behind it, behind him stood General Breya.

"Greetings people of Newfoundland, I stand before you today not as your president but as you complete leader, with the help of General Breya and his forces I have seized control of the country. I not have complete control over the things that you rely on to live, if you do as I say then no harm will come to you"

John stopped for a second to look back at Breya, it would be the last thing he did.

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Taylor did not even notice that throughout the broadcast, Breya had pulled out a pistol (resembling a Desert Eagle), wiped it clean, load it and played a little bit around with the gun. He waited precisely the moment were he'd turn around, so he could hear what the General had to said. Indeed, as the President did such action, Breya put forward "operation mATAr (OOC note: Matar = "To Kill' in Spanish/Portuguese)", pointed his gun towards his head and uttered the words:

"Cowards can't lead a nation. Tough men can."

And thus the General pulled the trigger. The bullet sped through the air and lodged right in the geographical center of the president's forehead, almost instantly killing him. He had no time for last words. He could only widen his eyes before he passed away. John Taylor was assassinated during a nationwide broadcast while giving Newfoundland his back.

Not minding the splattered blood across the floor, Breya walked forward and became the focus of the camera. He was now the one to address the nation.

"Good evening, people of Newfoundland! As you may have seen through the screen of your television, John Taylor has just been killed by no one other than myself. Why would I do such a thing? Well, I will tell you all a secret - all of those men across St. John's was not Taylor's - but mine's. As a matter of fact, he contracted my services so he could seize the whole nation with little effort. Hah! That sure backfired!"

"Anyways... me and my men hail from Artemis Global Security. Now, when you think "AGS", you probably think "mercenaries", but don't worry! We went rogue. So all we are is a bunch of military people occupying a nation. And since I've got the firepower, I hereby declare the Kingdom of Newfoundland, with General Breya (ergo, myself) as its king."

"I promise you all I'll do the best for each one of you - John Taylor was a cowardly backstabber and was unfit to run this nation. I am fit, though. All I'll say for now is - do not contest our men, and you shall be rewarded. Alright? This is the end of the broadcast. I fare all of you well!"

And thus Breya moved forward and turned off the camera, putting the broadcast to an end.

"Damn, feels good to be king", the General thought to himself. "Let's get this nation moving."

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Meanwhile in St. Anthony, Newfoundland

Tim Bell sat in his living room watching the events take place on the television, he was immediately enraged by fact that foreigners wanted to claim the island. Tim had been an officer in the military for many years and had left after he got married and had children. Tim began to call friends telling them to meet at the bar.

*at the bar*

Tim sat in the one of the corner stalls, he had gathered a large group of old army buddies he knew he could trust.

"We cannot let some foreigners take over our country, we worked hard to gain our freedom from Canada and I'll be damned if some !@#$%^& will come and ruin it for us, I intend to fight these !@#$%^&* and kick them out of our country, who is with me?"

Tim was answered by a large cheer as even people he had not invited started to cheer.

"Spread the word, anyone who wants to fight these !@#$%^&* is to gather in St. Anthony, bring your guns"

With that people began to run out the door to call on war buddies and others.

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At the King's office, St. John

At midnight

Breya and his men decided to convert an office building lcoated in Downtown St. John's into the Kingdom's main headquarters, until the situation was stable enough so he could build an official palace. But for now, the office would have to suffice. Computers, archives, cameras and the suchlike stored in supply trucks were brought inside. Desks were re-arranged and rooms cleaned so to allow for a somewhat proper organization. The foreigners would now have a provisional base where they could enforce their rule and install their own bureaucracy.

"First things first', said the General King to his subordinates "We need to make sure everyone's bowing to us. Contact the men we dispatched across the country, and ask them whether if they have the cities under control, Carl."

"A'ight", replied the man as he began shuffling through some transmitters. Positive answers were heard across the board, with one exception."

"No.", boldly replied Captain Lee "The roughly 100 men we have stationed here in St. Anthony are engaged in firefights with the local population. No casualties yet, but they have superior numbers. We need reinforcements, now."

"Copy that.", said Carl. Turning to Breya, he asked how many should be sent. "500" replied the General "should be enough to manhandle the city."

And thus five-hundred men were dispatched towards St. Anthony. They would be dispatched through transport planes so to arrive at the locality within two hours.

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Tim knew the first two areas that they had to secure were the port and the airport even though it was a small one it was large enough for a plane to land on which could allow for more enemies to arrive and get into the city. The numbers of the enemy had been estimated at 100 before the fighting began so far it seemed like none had fallen but it was only a matter of time, his own men numbered over 300 now and were growing faster and faster. Tim had been giving commands while at the same time trying to organize his forces into something usable, they all had military training but they had no designated leaders yet so whoever held the radio was the commander for the time being.

Tim was staring at a map of the local area, they had been steadily pushing the enemy back but they still had to get past those 100 men to get to the airport. Tim looked up as a man stepped forward.

"I hear my buddies and I can get some action if we join you"

"At the moment that is certainly true, how many of you are there?"

"At last count all 50 of us were around"

"Excellent, go help with the push to the airport, we need to secure that before they can get reinforcements, they will be a lot easier to kill if they are on open pavement"

Tim watched the man leave and turned back to his map while listening to some guy ramble on about how the fight progressed, it seemed that some of the enemy were getting surrounded and killed off now as they were trapped in buildings, by some estimates the enemies were already at half strength, at this rate they would reach the airport in two hours.

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Tim looked out the window at the landing transport planes, they were about to make it to the airport and even though local resistance to his forces was falling they were still 15 minutes away from the airport. They would catch some men getting off the planes but since men were already on the ground it would be a lot harder to defeat them than if they had secured the airport and shot them upon landing.

Tim looked at the map again, his men numbered around 700 now but they were poorly armed and the bodies of the enemy were almost naked as people took whatever they carried, anything that resisted bullets was the first to go. Word had come that other places nearby had begun to rebel and would soon join the cause but it would all collapse if they lost this battle.

Tim ordered the men to try and reach the airport as soon as possible and stop as many planes as they could through any means necessary.

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At the $@pit of one of the planes

"How longer until we make a landing?", asked Johnson, the Colonel in charge of the unit, to the pilot of the transport plane where he was at.

"Roughly five minutes... "

"Make it two. I'll order all other planes to do the same."

"We might end up crashing if we are not given enough time to properl-"

"Shut it, our whole unit in St. Anthony has been either killed or captured. We need to eliminate the insurgents immediately. Any additional second we give them is time for them to prepare defenses - or even wait for us at the airstrip."

"Aye, sir. Transmitting message to all other pilots."

The planes started to reduce their altitude so to attempt an early landing at St. Anthony's airport. However, as they reached the skies of the area, they were met with bullets from insurgents running to the airport. Although few threatened the integrity of the transporters, it meant that there'd be more once they landed.

"Do we land here, Colonel?"

"Danke. We've got nowhere else to go."

And thus the squad of planes descended into the airstrip under fire. One of the pilots were unsuccessful at making a swift landing and his plane missed the airstrip entirely. Instead, it crashed on a nearby hill, killing all of the 50 passengers on it. It was also the one where the supplies were concentrated at, thus they had lost a large fraction of their reserve ammo, food and the suchlike. However, the other transporters landed successfully. The remaining 450 troops immediately began leaving the aircrafts, and proceeded to secure the airport before the insurgents could make it there. However, they had close to no time to prepare defenses as the rebels were only a few dozen meters away from the building by the time the mercenaries made it there.

As soon as the insurgents were only a few meters away, the mercs opened fire. The battle for the airport had just begun.

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Tim listened to the man drone on about the situation and how all but one plane managed to crash, luckily it had hit the majority of their supplies at the same time.

"Enough of this, I am going to see the situation myself, get a car ready"

"But that will get you into the line of fire"

"I don't care, I can't do my job just listening to reports and staring at a piece of paper, I need to see the situation myself"

"Alright, we will have a car ready in couple minutes"

"You have one"

*later once they have arrived*

Tim jumped out of the car as soon as it stopped and picked up a radio, he began to order people to surround the airport and time their firing so that the enemy have no time to stick their heads up and shoot back, at the same time anyone who was a good shot was to target people who stuck their heads out. Tim knew they needed to get a vehicle or something to get the enemy to reveal themselves, he began to look around and spotted a tractor, he ordered one of the guys nearby who happened to be a mechanic to get it running and send it towards the enemy to try and drive them out, Tim kept looking for more stuff to send towards the enemy, even things that would force them to use up ammo would be useful since it was extremely limited for the enemy.

After several minutes he had managed to find 7 nearby vehicles, he ordered the men to get them running and ready to be sent at the enemy. Tim looked for an area to aim them, the planes were stuck on the runway but they were abandoned for the most part, they could however be used after they had gained control of the airport. Tim ordered the vehicles to be launched at the major groupings of enemies in order to draw them out. Of the 7 vehicles only two stayed on course and forced some of the enemies into the open where they were cut down, the other five went in random directions with two more forcing some enemies into the open, the remaining 3 missed completely and were left to crash or run out of gas, whichever came first.

Tim watched as over the next few hours the number of his own forces continued to grow even with the losses -people were arriving from out of town now- and the enemies numbers continued to decline, estimates placed them at only 100 left and they had to be running low on ammo by now as they had become more aggressive and were now running out to grab their comrades guns and ammo. After another hour of fighting the enemy had been almost completely annihilated and the remainders were out of ammo, the enemy raised a white flag and were taken prisoner.

Tim looked at the planes and began ordering people to make sure they still worked and to find people who could fly the damned things, as well as find anyone dumb enough to jump out the back of one.

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Breya's HQ, St. John's

"Colonel, you are not to surrender, even if you may be outgunned."

"I am surrendering, General. We are too few now and have absolutely no ammunition left. It is a futile resistance."

"Are you bailing out on me? On us? On our newly found country?"

"$%&@ you Breya, you just made all of us go rogue because you're an egomaniac craving for attention, and you're getting a bunch of people killed for that. I'm surrendering."

"I'll personally send a team of commandos to exterminate your $@! for treason."

"Do it, and waste precious time, people and resources, !@#$ bag. It's not like you'll even afford to do that when the Newfoundlanders finally come down to St. John's and $%&@ you up."


Colonel Johnson had cut communications, indicating he accepted being taken prisoner.

!@#$. That certainly did not bode well for him, thought Breya. His forces, considering casualties and those left to do non-combat work, were just 9,000 strong now. His grasp in the Northern portions of the island was being loosened in an extremely quick pace. His forces outside the Avalon peninsula numbered just 1,900 while those inside it were about 8,100 strong (with the majority being inside St. John's)... it was far too much ground to be covered with too few men against a populous country - 9,000 men for 5 million people? That wouldn't work out.

Breya had little alternatives other than order the withdraw of all of his troops outside the Avalon Peninsula - he'd concentrate there and attempt to at least retain that portion of the country for as long as possible. With no reinforcements expected from outside, all he could count on was on his tight grip over the capital and attempt to use it as his personal recruitment center.

EDIT: Swear word didn't get filtered, so I had to filter it manually.

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Tim looked at a new map, since securing St Anthony they had heard other cities were joining and had forced the enemy out, they now controlled every city southwest of La Scie, and Windsor was close to falling, the numbers of people joining the rebellion had grown even more and now they only had estimates that placed it at around 20,000, they had also found 1000 who had paratroop training as well as enough pilots to fly the transports. Tim had heard word that the enemy were starting to retreat to the Avalon Peninsula, if too many made it there it would just make the fighting even worse.

Tim looked at the map thinking before he decided what to do.

"Push to Clarenville, the enemy is retreating and we need to keep up the pressure before they have a chance to settle down in one area and fight it out, once Clarenville is secured send out forces there and organize them, one week after we have the city we will be moving half our forces to Catalina to prepare for a sea landing. We will fight them on two fronts."

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Tim looked at his watch, 1158, the time seemed to be moving slowly as the time to launch the invasion drew closer the ships had departed long ago and almost reached Bay de Verde, at the same time a large land army was moving to Secure Chance cove and the airborne forces were being dropped at Point Lance to cause as much damage as possible if not secure the area. Tim watched as his watch hit 1200, the fighting would begin any moment, it was not a precise attack due to the lack of military equipment but it would still be close enough.

Tim waited for the reports to arrive, he stared at the map on the wall, somebody had finally finished getting it up to date and adding the placement of known enemy and allied forces. Finally a man entered the room and began to report.

'Our forces have begun the assault on Chance Cove, they have dug in but we are giving them a hell of a pounding with our artillery guns and tanks (OOC: Old stuff left behind or abandoned) but it will take a while before they break. The assault on Bay de Verde is going well, it seems the enemy had largely ignored it and the forces that were there began falling back as soon as our forces began to invade. The airborne forces in Point Lance landed but there has been next to nothing in the way of enemy forces, the locals say they hear the soldiers muttering about everyone falling back to St Johns.'

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Tim listened to more reports, allied forces had finally secured Chance Cove, Bay de Verde and Point Lance. Rumors had reached the army that most enemy forces were in St Johns and the other cities of the peninsula had begun to revolt and were forcing out the enemy, the real battle was going to begin in St Johns but with 2,000,000 people in that city the outcome was obvious. Tim looked at the others in the room.

'Order all our forces to prepare at Mount Peal, have everything ready for the attack, we will take back St Johns by the end of the week.'

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Tim looked at his forces, they numbered almost 40,000 now, more were sure to join from St. Johns when the fighting began.

'We have fought long and hard to get to this point, many of our friends have fallen to get us to this point, we will not let their sacrifices be in vain, we will free our capital and make the leader of these invading !@#$%^& pay with their life, we earned our freedom from Canada and I'll be damned if we let somebody take my freedom from me.'

Tim looked in the direction of St. Johns

'On, to St. Johns, they are nothing compared to our might'

Tim turned to his officers

'begin the march, I want that city by the end of tomorrow'

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Tim looked at the new map they had of St Johns, his men were arriving now in the city, they could not use any tanks or artillery due to the massive damage they could cause to the city, instead they had rifles and any other firearm they could get, the fighting would be vicious in some areas but if the enemy was smart they would give up some areas without a fight and concentrate their forces around the port so they had a chance to escape, 9000 men had no chance of holding a whole city, but a few blocks was easily possible.

Tim listened to reports, no gunfire had been heard yet but they were entering the city, it seems like the enemy was a smart one, they would likely be near the port mostly Tim guessed, he began to order his troops to move to the port as well as order some tanks to start moving to the port but not to fire at anything until they entered the residential area.

*several hours later*

Tim's forces finally finally were in sight of the port when gunfire broke out, they began to spread out and the fighting would now take long periods of time as they had to secure each house or blow it up.

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As time passed the enemy army began to lose at an increasing pace as more soldiers began to surrender, the southern front had almost completely folded due to the presence of more tanks than any other front. The southern army was ordered to push and force the central front to fold after being attacked from two fronts at which time the central front would make the northern front fold with the same tactic. After several more hours the entire front line had folded and all that remained as the King, his officers and the few remaining guards they had.

The allied forces had soon surrounded the building the enemy King and his officers occupied, the guards surrendered without a fight knowing it was all over. All that remained was the capture the King and his officers. Tim ordered the forced to begin taking the building room by room and take as many alive as possible. In under an hour all but one room was secure, almost all the officers had been taken alive and all that remained was the capture the King who they had order to take alive no matter what. The men broke down the door and ducked expecting gunfire to erupt, instead that saw the King standing in an empty room unarmed, he was beaten and bruised, it seems the officers had taken out their anger on him for getting them in this mess.

In the end 9 officers were taken alive not counting the King.

OOC: Just trying to get this over with quick

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Tim stared at a wall, he had captured the enemy and they were in prison, a government was beginning to reform but now that somebody had shown everyone it was possible there may be more attempts to create a dictatorship in the future. The country needed to have some kind of ruler but one that did not have absolute power but could still stop a possible dictator in his tracks. The only method he could think of was to have both the government and the people elected government, the only thing he could think of was a constitutional monarchy. It certainly seemed possible and it was even more possible that he would be chosen to be king, after all he had saved the island from invaders and had captured the leaders of it. Tim would bring it up with the the members of government when they had recovered from being held in captivity.

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Tim looked at a group of men, they had all been members of the government before the coup, Tim was going to propose the creation of a constitutional monarchy to them, with him as the King. He was going to make sure they knew that the government would have the power to end the monarchy if they had the support of the people in order to stop the monarchy from becoming power hungry and abolishing the elected government, at the same time the monarchy would have the power to remove the current Prime Minister in the even that he was deemed not worthy of the title.

*Insert long speech to the government members, the arguments, etc*

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