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In an effort to bring joy to the Mundokiir of Zircadia, Stormsend, the people decided to play an elaborate joke on their ruler by organizing the militias and marching onward to Maedonia, ruled by Stormsend's close friend, AirMe. However, the day would go south as the armies of Maedonia, who do not recognize April Fools' Day, launched a quick and decisive counterattack.

Zircadia's capital lay in ruins, and Stormsend, who was on vacation in Artolia (he was determined to paint graffiti on Archon's palace), returned only to find smoldering ruins.

Stormsend was not available for comment.

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The Church of Walford released a statement today saying they would aid in the rebuilding of the capital of Zircadia, the End of Time, with any resources available, except for money. Stormsend was still unavailable for comment, but he did send out one of his military advisers to the press. With a bullet in his head.

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Dear Leader lebubu of Boobsland wishes to send a massive package of strap-on dildos (as this is the only product Boobsland produces and can spare) to aid with Zircadia's recovery. Dear Leader lebubu is hoping for this shipment to fill the lives (or other orifices) of Zircadia's citizens with just a little more joy.

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