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Valhalla's Embassy Clean Up and New Consulates

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Valhalla recently went through a wave of inactive embassies.

Embassies that over a month inactive are going to be moved to our archives.

These are the embassies that are not yet deleted, but are in the Archives.

  • The Aquatic Brotherhood Embassy
  • Argent Embassy
  • Monos Archein Embassy
  • The German Empire Embassy
  • LOUD Embassy
  • Ordo Verde Embassy
  • Federation of Buccaneers Embassy
  • The Democratic Order Embassy
  • Royal Order of Confederate Kingdoms Embassy
  • Old Guard Embassy
  • Poison Clan Embassy
  • She Said She Was 18 Embassy
  • Ragnarok Embassy
  • Vanguard Embassy
  • Fly Embassy
  • Greenland Republic Embassy
  • North Atlantic Defense Coalition Embassy
  • LoSS Embassy
  • GPA Embassy
  • Arrow of Chiron Embassy
  • The International Embassy
  • TORN Embassy


Previously, alliances of 15 members and below were denied in embassies. A new rule changes an embassy requirement to 25 members minimum. Those that are below the requirement can now post in a consulate, found in a new forum.

Once you get your Foreign Official Mask, the Consulate Arena can be found here.


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@ mythicknight: It takes only a button thickie ;)

@ Stumpy: Your embassy has been requested a while ago. I can check who asked for it, if you really want me to. It was never used though.

I asked for it privately when my TDSM8 was deleted unjustly. Id love for it to actually be created though, Ill keep it active.

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MDoAP's with Monos Archein and Ragnarok and a MADP with TORN, but no embassy activity in at least a month.

Seeing as Big woody is generally in IRC channel and I personally speak with Kait or mamma about every day the embassy may gather a little dust. Dont worry yourself our allies are held dear and always informed. Thanks for asking and have a nice day

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