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Flashback: Building The Defences of Mariehamm


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In a dark room, deep in a complex on the Aland Islands, a map laid on a table.

"Gentlemen, this is a map of our territory, though Molakia still owns several parts of Finland. We need defences, the old Ubersteinian systems are gone or destroyed, minus a few naval defence guns and some minefields. Now, we all know about radar, and the large over the horizon radar system have already been approved, but we have several other ideas that could get us the advantage."

A new map was pulled over the old one.


"The Red Lines are the basic boarders of our nation." We went on to explain the different colors.

Red Squares= DUGA-3 Style Over-The-Horizon Radar stations. The red arms coming off show the direction they face. (Not like arrows, they point in the direction the lines encompass.)

Dark Blue Squares= Major military command bunkers and communication relays.

Teal Lines=Double-Layer Concrete Acoustic Mirrors.

Dark Blue Lines= Fortified Defences

Purple Lines= Minefields

Green Circle= Helsinki Quarantine Zone

Yellow 'Circle'= Aland Islands Security Zone. (Nobody allowed without permission.)

The Acoustic Mirrors would be put in a double layer format and divided into sectors. They would be able to hear low flying (Below the radar) slow aircraft like helicopters and propeller planes, and normal planes they fly overhead. The problem is, with modern planes, you only hear it when it is directly over the mirror because of the limited speed of sound. So, they are placed in two layers, so they know the speed and direction of the aircraft as it passes over the 1st and 2nd layers, allowing them to scramble fighters in the area even if the airplane is stealth.


Acoustic Mirror example


DUGA-3 Example

Construction would start at once.

OOC: Posts following this one will show progress being done, but because this is a flashback consider the defenses done.

MAJOR NOTE: I am putting trust into this community by posting this map. You cannot get this detail of my defenses without REAL RP. Please PM me before spying on these defenses so I can RP accordingly. If you have any arguments against my systems, PM me.

I tried to make the map accurate.

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OOC: A question; acoustic mirrors only work for about 30 kilometers on a good day. Won't planes already be too close to do anything about in that time, especially supersonic bombers?


That's what I'm counting on. There are 2 layers of them, and they hear the planes pass over. So you time the two "blips" and line them up on a map, and then you know the aircraft's speed and direction, allowing you to scramble fighters to intercept even stealth aircraft.

A friend of mine brought up the fact that aircraft could zig-zag after getting past the 2nd layer. But there are several issues with that:

1. They would need to know where the 2nd layer, or even 1st layer is.

2. Planes have limited fuel, they might be unable to reach their target if they "zig zag"

3. I would still know their general location.

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