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The Forsaken Ones

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Well there, how do you do? Welcome to The Forsaken Ones.

The Forsaken Ones is a newly developing alliance in the Pink sphere. Our alliance is growing by leaps and bounds everyday. We are currently setting goals to reach the 500k NS mark.

Since we are new many deputy minister spots are open and waiting to be filled by you AS WE SPEAK!!!!! We have more experienced members who are just waiting to give out aid to new nations. Also for you older nations there are many young nations just BEGGING to sell tech. And for younger nations we have experienced members who can mentor you.

So join today and perhaps you'll make CN-History some day!!

IRC-Chan- #forsaken on irc.coldfront.net

Forums- http://z8.invisionfree.com/CNOI/index.php?

Charter of the Forsaken Ones


We of the Forsaken ones, wishing to form a more perfect community, desire to become a organized alliance lay out it's policies in this charter

Article I Admission:

A nation will be admitted into the alliance by...

1.Registering on our Forums

2. Putting in an Application

3.Taking an Academy Test

Article II Alliance Behavior:

Members of the Forsaken Ones are expected to maintain respect and dignity while on all CN related forums, IRC channel etc.

Failure to do so will result in reprimand.

Article III Hierarchy of The Forsaken Ones' Government

3.1 Emperor

The Emperor is the head voice of Forsaken ones. He and only he can not be expelled. He and only he may declare war. He counts as two votes in Parliment. He may form treaties and he may disband them. The Emperor is of royal blood and should be treated with the uptmost respect. The Emperor chooses an heir (the Duke) and when the Emperor retires appoints the Duke to that position. The Emperor may serve for life. The Emperor may also fly the Imperial Flag. The Emperor can also make Imperial announcements.

3.2 Duke

The Duke is the heir to the thrown. If the Emperor is not online or steps down the Duke becomes Emperor. The Duke should be treated with a high degree of respect since he is of Royal Blood. The Duke cannot be expelled. The Duke cannot make Imperial announcements (unless the Emperor deems it so) but he may fly the Imperial Flag.

3.3 Secretaries

Secretaries are in charge of the departments of FO and there is one for every department. Secretaries can appoint one deputy and create any title they so wish for there department (e.g the Secretary of War may create the General Position). Secretaries are appointed by the Emperor and can be taken from power by the Emperor.

3.4 Regents

The Regents are ELECTED officials who are chosen by the General Membership via in-forum poll. All polls are private. The Regent serves to advise the Parliment on what the people think. The Regents (Their are two) are elected every two months and the elections are organized by the Department of Internal Affairs.

3.5 Special Envoys

Special Envoys are leaders and regualtors of Embassies and may choose up to two delegates to assist him in any way. Special Envoys are created when and Forsaken Ones embassy is created and our chosen by the Secretary of Foreign affairs.

3.6 Parliment

Regents, Secretaries (excluding deputies), the Duke, and the Emperor all make up the Parliment. The Parliment serves to expel members, vote on treaties, declare war, and vote on all alliance issues.

Article IV Departments

4.1 Department of Foreign Affairs

The Department of Foreign Affairs manages all Foreign matters (excluding military) such as the DECLARATION of war, formation of treaties and accords, dealing with aid etc.They are in charge of all embassies. They are led by the Secretary of Foreign Affairs and his/her Deputy.

4.2 Department of Internal Affairs

The Department of Internal Affairs is in charge of the Orange Bank, sending out memos to all members,writing down all records, and maintaining the forums. The Department of Internal Affairs is headed by the Secretary of Internal Affairs and his/her Deputy.

4.3 Department of War

The Department of War is in charge of the Orange Military. The Department of War is headed by the Secretary of War and his/her Deputy.

Article V Diplomatic Relations

5.1 Embassies

Embassies can be set up at any time with other alliances of any colour, with no preferential treatments to any colour. Embassies will be the center of foreign tech dealing, aid, and declarations of war, god forbid.

5.2 Treaties and Accords

Treaties or Accords of any kind will be sent to a foreign embassy if composed by OI. If a foreign embassy is not set up a diplomat will register with said alliance and start one. If a Treaty or Accord is sent to Forsaken Ones it will be done so in an embassy. If an embassy is not present one will be created.

Article VI War

6.1 Acts of War

Acts of War are as such: Espionage of all forms, Tech/Land Raiding, Hacking of Forums, and General Attacking including repeated offensive personal attacks. A state of war can be avoided with a message of apology and reparations, which will be calculated by the Secretary of Internal Affairs

6.2 War Times

During War Times Foreign Embassies will be updated at all times of progress. All Alliance foreign aid commitments and Tech Deals are considered null and void until said war is over.

6.3 Nuclear Weapons

Forsaken Ones doesn't believe in a first-strike policy. Nuclear Weapons will only be used after authorization of War (pr Imperial) Leadership (a 2/3 approval must be made)

6.4 ZI/PZI will be administered to nations either foreign or in FO comitting any of the following actions:

1.Going Nuclear rogue.

2.Hacking Forums.

3.Spying within forums.

4.Posting inappropriate images on any CN related forums.

Article VII Expulsion

Members may be expelled for breaking the following rules:

1.Declaring Unauthorized Wars



4.Nuclear Terrorism

Members will be expelled after a Majority vote of Parliment. Penalties after the Expulsion do not include ZI except during the terms stated above. FO does not sentence people to EZI

Article VIII Ammendments to the Constitution

Ammendments will be made after a Majority Parliment Vote.

Emperor: Jensofthedesert

Duke: Shigh707

Department heads

Secretary of War: MrDamsky

Deputy: Rapid Blowfish

Secretary of Foreign Affairs: Kwell

Deputy of Foreign Affairs: DWEAX

Secretary of Internal Affairs: Sticklyman

Deputy: Vacant


Regent 1: Vacant

Regent 2: Vacant

So as I said....we NEED YOU!!!!

Join today!

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