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DoW from the NADC

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of Planet Bob,

Firstly, most of you will probably not have heard of me, so let me introduce myself. I'm TankKiller ("no way, really?!"), the current (albeit interim) Secretary General of the NADC.

Pleased to meet you.

Now the single introduction is over, I'll get down to business.

You see, it has come to the NADC's attention that our "allies" TFD have been spying on us.

I had the rather unpleasant suprise of finding the following screenshot in my inbox, sent by an anonymous person.


And just incase this wasn't enough to leave a bitter taste in my mouth (though I do quite like bitter chocolate, but that's another matter), there turned out to be the small issue of trying to recruit from us.

A number of cases of this have arisen, this being just one example:

<Italgria[TFD]> i hear the nadcs lost some high up people?

<Kajdav[NADC]> Mhmm...

<Kajdav[NADC]> But it's fine.


<Italgria[TFD]> well it sounds like the nadcs gonna fall apart

<Italgria[TFD]> have you looked into other alliances?

<Kajdav[NADC]> Nope, not one bit.


<Italgria[TFD]> you'd really fit into TFD, i think

<Kajdav[NADC]> Me?

<Italgria[TFD]> yeah

Frankly, this is unacceptable, and TFD's actions are a disgrace to the CN community.

As such, we hereby sever all ties with and declare war on The Foreign Division.

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Two fake DoWs that almost perfectly copy themselves?

A better way to demonstrate this would be to have two months of tensions leading up to April Fools, and then about a week before have someone say 'we might as well declare on April 1st because they won't expect it' and then do it.

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