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Recently it has come to our atention that our dear friends in NADC have been plotting against TFD. Faithful believers on NADC's integrity we dismissed the constant reports we were receiving. Ingenuity. Recently one of our most estimeed members - by coincidence myself - received a full fledged attempt of recruitment from NADC's SecGen himself!

<TankKiller> Hey Lusitan :)

<TankKiller> Lusitan_[TFD], happen to be around? I have a rather important proposal to discuss.

<Lusitan_[TFD]> yes

<TankKiller> Well, we feel we, the NADC, should be more actively searching for talents

<TankKiller> We feel that a person with your profile, would be perfect clean the floor of NADC's SecGen office

<TankKiller> I was walking in circles again the other day, and I ended up slipping and hitting my nose on the floor

<Lusitan_[TFD]> are you trying to recruit me? :D

<TankKiller> Can't get more obvious, can it? xD

Shame, shame. To think we trusted you! But that's not all. Recently we received an.. ahem.. annonymous tip and a screenshot that proves that NADC, yes NADC, has been effectivelly spying on us!


Because recruiting from other alliances and spying is unnaceptable, specially one of your closest allies, TFD considers all treaties with NADC void and nule and hereby Declares war on the North Atlantic Defense Coalition!

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