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A Mostly Harmless Announcement


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An MHAnnouncement

regarding the MHA Forums


As many of you know (link), back in February the MHA suffered a forced forum move when our former host (now a banned player), closed them in protest and started threatening us to use them at our detriment.

It has recently come at our attention that our former host, or someone to which he gave forum access, is again back to threatening the release of our private information, s/he is answering to unaware foreign diplomats that still go to that forum - pretending to represent the MHA - s/he is editing posts here and there and s/he is reading and messing with the board past correspondence, promising/threatening to release it if we don't - ahem - "behave" as s/he would like.

This is posted as another public notice that the old MHA forum isn't reliable anymore: anything on or coming from it may have been altered; we can't take responsibility for it as it's subtracted from our control and we can't even guarantee that the site is safe (with regard of a PG-13 content, the absence of malware, etc).

Please all in-game alliances, contact us at our current forums if you need to talk with us. Thankfully we managed to rescue our bar fridge before moving, so the Galactic Gargle Blasters are flowing from our new home.

The only true MHA forums are the following:


(friendly, hoopy and with an arcade, by the way!)

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Interesting since the person in question also hosted the Continuum forums.

It's kinda like seeing those embarrassing photos from your teenage years complete with braces and snap pants, and you just sit there going "What was I thinking?!"

Seemed like such a great idea at the time...

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Would it be unethical for some of us to go to the boards and start feeding him/her false information with the hopes that they leak it :awesome:?

I think sooner or later it will be leaked regardless but chances are stuff will be tampered with and edited. So to the Grämlins we actually hate you :P

Edit: Spelling

Edited by Shamshir
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