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Hands off our wimmenz

Gen Lee

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Ragnarok recently met up with The German Empire and the sparks began to fly. After a few dates we realized that tingly feeling was more than just puppy love. :wub:

Without further ado, we present this treaty as a representation of our budding relationship:



"Hands off our wimmenz"


So this one day some Rokkers where chilling in the produce section at their local grocery store when they spied this German hottie checkin’ them out. The Rokkers did exactly what any Rokker would do and tried to recruit her. Naturally she was taken by a large German man that promptly came over and slapped many a Rokker. After slapping us, he explained she was his girl and he was Sherman, the Vice Chancellor of The German Empire, and he didn’t appreciate us trying to seduce his wimmenz. We, of course, apologized profusely and invited Sherman and some of his TGE buddies for Tea and Crumpets. After we talked things over, we ended up really liking each other… a lot. We liked each other so much, in fact, we decided to sign this treaty right then and there.

I. Independence

The German Empire and Ragnarok, while sharing many ideals and being good buddies, recognize they are both independent sovereign alliances. Both recognize that any aggressive or defensive actions that are not specified in this treaty are done so independently and do not require action from the other alliance.

II. Women and Beer

Ragnarok and The German Empire agree that we will not, under any circumstance, steal each others women and beer. Being Norse and German, respectively, we both enjoy both things greatly, but recognize that the stealing of said items results in unfriendliness. If either Ragnarok or The German Empire happens to steal the others beer and/or women, the offending alliance agrees that they are liable to pay for both the stolen goods and any and all damages caused by the seizure.

III. Respect

By the signing of this treaty, the Norse and the Germans agree to be nice to each other. While both groups are made up of burly men and beautiful women, we will remain respectful towards each other and refrain from excessive bar/tavern fights.

IV. Friendliness

Both signatories recognize they are friends and are hereby instruct their bars and taverns to treat the foreigners from either alliance as their own. Camaraderie is loved by both, and both alliances agree to address any issues by following the proper diplomatic procedure. In addition, both Ragnarok and The German Empire promise to do their best to refrain from making any issues a public spectacle, no matter how belligerently drunk they may become.

V. Tag Team

If either signatory happens to come under attack by an outside force, the other recognizes that they are not legally bound to take action. While assistance, either via warriors (military) or alcohol (aid), is preferred, each alliance may decline the others request with or without reason.

VI. Snooping

Neither alliance likes people poking around in their private business. As such, both alliances agree that they will not send scouts into the others territory. In addition, if either signatory catches wind of other alliances scouting another signatory's turf, they will let the signatory know and help as much as they can to eliminate that pesky scout.

VII. Termination

While both alliances hope this awesome friendship will never end, we both realize that sometimes bad things happen and good times end. As such, if either signatory desires to cancel this treaty, they must notify the other alliance. If a signatory delivers a notice of cancellation, this treaty will be void exactly forty-eight (48) hours from the moment notice is given.

Signed for Ragnarok,

Alfred von Tirpitz, Triumvir

Gen. Lee, Triumvir

rishkonof, Triumvir

Tautology, Military Commander

Mecha Sheikh, High Chancellor

USMC123, Vice Chancellor

Wehrmacht, Prime Minister

SKSNH, Vice Minister

Signed for The German Empire,

Emperor Frederick II

Valdemar, Imperial Chancellor

Rommelgrad, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Shermanaslovakia, Imperial Vice Chancellor

Kaiser Milch, Minister of Internal Affairs

President Chris, Minister of War

o/ TGE

o/ Rok

Thank You,

Gen. Lee

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