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Argent and Grämlins were bored and thought we'd try to find something to do...


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We tried playing poker, we tried this fancy irc trivia stuff too but it all seemed kinda meh. We watched a movie but our heart just wasn't in it. To commemorate this absolute failure to find anything worthwhile, we kinda scribbled something down on a napkin to remember it by.

In mediocrity, I present to you The Treaty of Indifference.

Gre and Argent like each other and will act like it. Gre and Argent will let each other know when stuff is going down. Gre and Argent will help each other out if one guy gets attacked. Gre and Argent won't help each other out if one guy gets attacked because he was attacking another guy, unless they feel like it. Gre and Argent will attack other people together if they feel like doing it. Gre or Argent can leave the other hanging if they state their intent 72 hours ahead of time.

Signed for the Grämlins,



Omas Nams




Signed for Argent

Janax, Regent

Rustynail, Vice-Regent

Claroqsi, Minister of Internal Affairs

An_agent, Minister of War

Diomede, Minister of Foreign Affairs

EmperorOfCheese, Council

Fuzz227, Council

Hooray us and stuff

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Top Posters In This Topic

I would like to make a note and say this has been in progress for a long time. Argent is an excellent alliance and I am looking forward to our relationship.

Argent, you impress me everyday. May we have a long, prosperous relationship.

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Can we ban RamirusMaximus from our trivia now?

)): Knowitalls )):


Since day one, we've had Grämlins all up in our business, in a good way. :awesome:

It's nice to see this treaty that has been about 190 days in the making, finally get done.

o/ Grämlins

o/ Us

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