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Mammon Pact Addition


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Invicta is proud to announce the addition of The Helenic League to the Mammon Pact!

Mammon Pact

Article I:

Invicta and the other undersigned alliance(s) agree to enter into a long-term technology sale agreement, whereby non-Invicta nations who qualify under Invicta's rules are considered sellers in Invicta's internal tech sales, until such time that said nations are sufficiently large to become buyers. Invicta's finance staff agree to coordinate and execute deals with non-Invicta nations that are treatied under this agreement.

Article II: Cancellation

If Invicta decides to end the arrangement with a fellow signatory, then 240 hours notice are required, after which time the former signatory will not have access to Invicta's tech dealing network. If a fellow signatory decides to leave the arrangement, then 72 hours notice is required.

Signed for Invicta

Jorost of Triune Republic, President

Haflinger of Llonach, Vice President

Lord Swampy of New Kaynistan, Minister of Finance

Waltar of OoogaBoooga, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Signed for The Helenic League:

ocpuck12, Monarch

MAgnum9987, Commander of the Army

New Iran, Caretaker of the Treasury

Tellos, Advisor of Domestic Dispute

ChriChri, Chief Magistrate

Edited by Waltar
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