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Looking for an alliance

The Pimp

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Welcome fellow player,

I am the member of an alliance called White Knights Entente, we are a brand new alliance compared to some of the other alliances, who would like to ask you to join us. I would like you to join White Knights Entente and help us grow and prosper, in return we offer you protection from Tech raiders and rogues and we offer you friendship and aid to help you grow and become superior in the game. We aid new member’s 3,000,000 each who join White Knights Entente. Our Alliance is new, therefore you can get a alliance positions and your ideas will help shape the alliance.

Our Forums: http://z8.invisionfree.com/WKE/index.php

You need to go there and register and post an application to join our alliance.



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Hi, my name is Pikachurin, a member of The Democratic Order. Here I want to explain why we are a bit unique.

TDO is strictly neutral, we only engage in war when attacked. This allows us to play the game to the fullest: develop trade, sell technology, analyse new strategies,... And yes, when necessary, do spy operations and fight wars.

If your main goal is to attack other nations, we are NOT the right alliance for you.

Because we are not focused on the military aspect alone, we do not need all that discipline and are a much more laid-back group. We generally believe that we have more fun in the game.

So, if you want to check us out, go to: http://z6.invisionfree.com/TDO1/index.php?act=idx

And to show you what nice people we are, read this (it's FREE): http://z6.invisionfree.com/TDO1/index.php?showtopic=276

Well, that's all, I hope to see you around,

~ Pikachurin

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I have had much experience with battalion commander positions as well as general positions with previous nations. Have been a recruiter and diplomat. Basically I am familiar with all aspects of a government

I would welcome you to check out Aquatic Coalition Front.

We have positions available if you wish to be a diplomat, or a recruiter. Then you can advance by election to a minister spot. We are a democratic alliance, so you will have to be elected to be a Minister.

Recently we made an announcement that we passed 1mil total strength, and now that is well over 1.3 so you would have good protection. Sexsi forums and flag as well.

Could you ask for more? :awesome:

Link is in my siggeh

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