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Break Time

Cody Seb

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Well, right now I can't devote too much to this, so I'm checking out for a couple of weeks. Instead of letting my land sit idle, I'm going to split it up and come back and try starting a new nation. If that one tanks by my own fault, then that'll probably be the end of me here, although it's no more likely than any other nation tanking.

So here goes;

I'm giving Malatose Croatia and Bosnia to do with as he pleases, whether that be making it a protectorate or absorption.

To Triyun, I'm giving Moldova and Romania under the same circumstances.

To JED, I'm giving Bulgaria and Kosovo under the same circumstances.

As for Serbia and Montenegro, I wish for them to be a single protectorate under the administration of the Nordlandic Confederacy.

I'll be back in a couple weeks fellas. Have fun.

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Danke. See ya when you come back. We'll be there with our arms wide open. :wub:

@ Sumeragi, I'm still unsure about the status of the new regions of the UK, although it is more likely they will become Commonwealth dependencies, similiar to the Isle of Man and the UK in RL. However, you can still color it the Byzantine color. :)

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