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Good morning Norden Kingdom, it's currently a bright monday morning with some important updates.

The Norden Kingdom has officially signed a treaty guaranteeing mutual defense with Nordheim, some of our closest neighbors. This was a long anticipated move and was greeted by much enthusiasm throughout the empire. Prime Minister Magnús Ármannsson said in a statement earlier "This treaty strengthens our close relationship and allows us to stick to our policy of pacifism with only a small Border Guard for self defense and yet feel relatively secure in a world which is becoming more unstable each day."

In a related move, Nordheim has dispatched engineers to being work on the Norden Kingdom's planned Intraconnected Coastal Defense System (ICDS), a series of bases and defensive measures along the coast of the Kingdom. More details are expected soon, however we have a map showing the location of the where the major bases are expected to be located along the coast.


As you may know, the ICDS comes amidst the Kingdom's recent surge in technology. After many purchases and gains, the government is now more advanced that ever and has the money to finance and the technology and plans to build up the Kingdom's defenses. Said an anonymous Security Ministry official, "the government's priority remains the safety and security of this nation without a large, aggressive standing army. We have recently purchased and developed quite a lot technology but we can assure you our military will stay at the standard Border Patrol peace time size of 10,000 active troops."

Finally, this morning marked the opening of the Norden Stock Market. The Stock Exchange building located in the capital was packed and proved just how rapidly the Kingdom's economy is growing.

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