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Nordisk Frihet och Vänskap Pakt

Kaiser Martens

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Norden Kingdom – Nordheim Mutual Defense Pact

I. Introduction

The Norden Kingdom and Nordheim remain separate sovereign territories and make form this treaty in order to further relations and promote peace, prosperity, and good relations.

II. Mutual Defense

The Norden Kingdom and Aesirrich Nordheim agree to come to the aid of the other should either country be attacked by another nation, and after all diplomatic negotiations have been exhausted. The Norden Kingdom and Nordheim have no obligation to fight alongside each other should one engage in an offensive war.

III. Cancellation

Either party wishing to cancel this treaty must give a seventy-two (72) hour notice before the treaty is officially cancelled.

IV. Signed

For Norden Kingdom:

High King Ty

Prime Minister: Magnús Ármannsson

For Nordheim:

Týr, Lord of the Aesir

Approved by the Council of the Aesir


"We are glad to be able to help our brothers find a safe place in this world, we are glad to have been picked for such a task as the protection of our people. We are also announcing that Nordheimer Engineers are to be sent to Norden Kingdom in order to assist with the construction of Coastal Defences, which are also well underway in Nordheim."

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"We thank Nordheim for their support and protection of our small country in an increasingly militaristic world. We hope to further our extremely close relationship with our Scandinavian brethren and greatly appreciate the arrival of Nordheimer engineers to start construction on our coastal defenses"

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