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Fire haffi burn

Jacapo Saladin

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One Day Ago

It was a quick movement in the capital city. A large rebel group supported by the Tyranar military pushed through the city, firing off rounds into the capital building, much of the dome was already blown off. The President Jacapo Saladin had already escaped, due to being warned 3 hours before. The president was moving underground into tunnels to take him out by the ocean, where he would take his personal submarine and escape to his classified palace someplace in africa.


The rebel party, the Tyranar Liberation Front, was formed just three months ago , and was born out of hate for the current government, and from the original seperation from Vaule and Crimea Iso. The party, recognizing the state to its north is no longer the Crimea Iso it seperated from, but rather a fragile state recovering from its own internal strife, has chosen Vaule as its intended home. The party wished to overthrow the Saladin Regime and seek admittance into a Vaule union, where they would be more or less a union of economic and military matters, however still retain local government function

Present day

The cheers were loud. The TLF was able to claim the capital city as completely under their control, and without any government left in the country it was essentially their territory now. The new leader of the government was the revolutionary leader of the TLF, Viktor Zarkov, would assume presidential responsibilities of contacting Vaule about the new union they wish to propose

OOC: Essentially i have no more time to devote to this, but i may want to come back after i settle down, so consider my land part of vaule officially if IA accepts.

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OOC: Sorry to see you go Jacapo.


The government of Vaule will organize a referendum regarding the situation in Tyranar. At this time we are urging for calm, and we implore the TLF not to take any actions against the former Saladin government. Vaule will send peacekeeping troops to the area to maintain order until a referendum may be held to determine if Tyranar will be admitted to the Vaule Union.

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