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Treaty and DoE


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Announcing the Existence of Quixotica, learn more in our soon to come factbook.


Oh, and Quixotica has treaty with N.T.E.



Taiwanese Dreams

Preamble: This treaty is issued by The Taiwanese Empire to Quixotica for Protection in exchange for Technology Trade

Article I - Non-Aggression.

Neither of the signatories may act in a aggressive manor to the other, shall it be Verbal or Military action.

Article II - Defence

Shall an nation make an attack on Quixotica, The Taiwanese Empire is obligatory to assist in the defence of Quixotica. Shall there be an attack on The Taiwanese Empire, Quixotica is not obligatory to assist in the defence.

Article III - Technology Trading

Quixotica agrees to share all technical breakthroughs with The Taiwanese Empire.

Article IV - Intelligence

Shall The Taiwanese Empire or Quixotica gain classified or unclassified information on the other, they are to report it immediately.

Article V - Cancellation

Shall The Taiwanese Empire or Quixotica feel this treaty needs to be null and void, there will be a cancellation period of 96 hours after notification.

Article VI - Signatories

On Behalf of The Taiwanese Empire:

Nebu II, Emperor

Ja'hina, Secretary of State.

For Quixotica:

shahman, Ruler for Now

DJ Crack RockZ, Entertainer

Quixotic Entertainer Seal:


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A protectorate treaty.. and the smaller nation is the protector?

Brilliant political move.

What a backwards treaty, between two nations half a world away, with no easy route to send military supplies through, and the protector is the larger nation.

Truly this is a masterwork of international affairs.

Still, such a diplomatic achievement must be congratulated upon, no matter how 'brilliant' it is. With that, the UK congratulates both nations on this.

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The Imperium of America is willing to offer military protection to Quixotica; but on a mutual basis. We feel that our more equal strengths would benefit the other partner. In addition, our technological prowess is somewhat greater than your own; we would be willing to trade secrets.

(OOC: PM for details.)

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We are not too sure as to whether we should congratulate the Taiwanese Empire and Quixotica, but as we have a treaty and other such affairs with the Taiwanese Empire, we shall look upon this treaty and DOE with great interest, to help protect our citizens, and the citizens of others that may be affected by this decision.

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