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Royal Pacifica Ball


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This night there was a party like no other, the Council Pacifica and the Diplomatic Corps of the New Pacific Order hosted the first Royal Pacifica Ball. We would like to thank Bros for DJing on CN radio, it made even DarkMistress get up and shake her booty, which consequently caused an earthquake. We had a great time with trivia, and kudos goes out to Mary the Fantabulous for her utter domination. We would also like to thank Valek for supplying us with a great game of poker.


A wonderful shot of Mary the Fantabulous and Moo-Cows dancing!

Even for a short time CN knew peace between VOX and NPO, we had both parties dancing together on the dance floor. We were kind of concerned with Electron Sponge having his suicide bomber vest on but Moo-Cows was gracious enough to take it to the coat check for him.

To cap off the evening we crowned a King and Queen of the Ball. It was a fun race to see who would win. For the King we only had two main contestants Moo-Cows (16 votes) and dwthegreat (5 votes). For the queen we had a few more contenders: Sky Green Chick (26 Votes), Electron Sponge (14 Votes), Peggy Sue (7 Votes) and Dark Mistress (5 Votes).

Congratulations Sky Green Chick of Valhalla for the crowning of Queen and to Moo-Cows of the New Pacific Order for the crowing of King. May they reign as Ball Royalty until the next time around.

Here are your Crowns:

Queen Sky Green Chick:


King Moo-Cows:


Again I would like to extend a warm thank-you for coming and making the event fun and enjoyable.


Council Pacifica







Diplomatic Corps of the New Pacific Order







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