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The Human Spirit

Sarah Tintagyl

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The morning fog was just beginning to rise from the Brisbane River and while the night birds cawed their farewells, the morning song birds had just begun to poke their heads out of their nests to greet the early rising sun coming over the Pacific horizon. On the 16th Hole of Indooroopilly Golf Course, George Alther, Sarah Tintagyl, and Brian Doyle stood over looking the river and yawned, all three of them had been up since about midnight going over scores of blueprints, plans, and reports that George had spent the last month drawing up. Now it was time to see the actual terrain where the new 'Glass Palace' would be built.

"So I'm guessing that the General Manager of the course wasn't exactly pleased when he heard that the state was taking control of the area." Said George as they climbed up the fairway towards the green to see a spectacular view of the city below them.

"I doubt that, he was paid over fifteen million and its not like Indooroopilly isn't going to exist anymore. We already have people building another golf course on the outside of town. If it wasn't a goddamn members club it would be a lot easier and we wouldn't have to deal with every Diet member yelling at us."

Sarah laughed as she stepped onto the green before the two men. "They should be thanking us. In a few months no one will even remember it, they'll be too astonished by the Palace and what will be taking place in Brisbane. The business community is literally going to turn on their heads after this."

Weeks ago, Sarah had had a long evening talk with Doyle, Luis DeLuit, and Karl van Donop about the current state of the Commonwealth. She dealt with these talks at least once a month and for the most part they didn't really change much in what was going on. Maybe a few words here and there, but it was about making money and expanding boundaries. Sarah was concerned, but she was looking for something greater from the Hansa. People recognized the country, but she desired more involvement and in her mind it was much more important to expand culturally than militarily or economically. The Glass Palace was that dream.

For various nights Sarah had pondered over history books looking for something that had truly been pivotal in the advancement of ones nation and when she had come across the dreams of the industrial age countries of the past and their great expositions, a light bulb flashed. There hadn't been a exposition of the arts in sometime and Brisbane was just the place to do something like that. To further the center of where cultural humanism really was.

"I would suggest that we main palace on the seventh, eighth, and ninth holes. The low level ground would be perfect for the main palatial structure. While spiraling out we would build parks, fountains, and outdoor display areas for the countries that decide to showcase their larger industrial wares."

"The Europeans will enjoy that." The Lady Protector mused aloud. "How fast did you say again George that this will go up.

"Well we have most of the materials at our disposal. However since the annexation of Othello we have ample supplies of copper, gold, and silver, so perhaps we can even use a few of our more valuable resources to use. It will be quite the awe inspiring display of what we have accomplished."

At the end of Sarah's planning, the Glass Palace would be home to the new first annual Great Exposition of the Modern World. All countries from the world would be invited to attend after the completion and then Sarah would announce it to the world. Her hopes would be that engineers, artists, writers, philosophers, mathematicians, doctors, scientists, and merchants would come to Brisbane and showcase their wares to a global audience while expanding the unity of the human race through technology, culture and economics. In addition she hoped that many of these men and women would stay in Brisbane afterward perhaps and lend their own abilities to Hanseatic culture for a moment or for Hanseatic culturalists to have the desire to travel the world and bring back their own findings. All in all it would a way for the world to come together again and perhaps focus on though maybe competition, competition without the use of war.

Looking down over the fairways in question, Sarah built the great structure with her mind as it sprawled out in front of her. "Magnificent." She said in a daze. "Truly magnificent."


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OOC: You know I've thought about that...but like I feel like its been too late to really stockpile everything that's happened to my nation...sorry guys if I'm cluttering up the forums :blush: Forgive me? :wub:

OOC: You've been forgiven a long time ago. :wub:

OOC: Well, in any case, this ought to be interesting, at the very least. Everything you do is that much, Sarah! :D

OOC: Indeed... :D

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