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Organized Nations Entente


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The Organized Nations Entente is a newly founded multi colored alliance primarily based on the white sphere team_White.gif. We directly emphasize strength, unity, honor, and courage. We strive to become the best, through hard work and dedication. ONE is on a journey, a path to excellence; are you ready for the ride?

The Entente is a tight knit community, a brotherhood. Each and every nation has a unique voice we listen to you, regardless of your nation size. Become a citizen, join our alliance. We seek peace and harmony, our leaders and diplomats have received a protectorate from Ragnarok to ensure our economic and diplomatic stability as we grow and prosper. Our entire alliance has been designed to complement the citizens, without you we are nothing.

The Entente is a meritocracy, with several open government positions.

What do we offer?

* Aid :: 3 Million Intro Aid & Several Millions Distributed Weekly to Members

* Peace :: Grow your nation in harmony without having to constantly worry about being attacked.

* Protection :: Be safe from raiders, and other alliance

* Friendship :: We're a tight knit community, professional, but we like to have fun.

* Opportunities :: Opportunities are endless, we reward those that show dedication.

* Assistance :: We're here to answer any and all questions

* Nation Optimization :: We have the guides, and advice to help you're nation get bigger, faster

Well you've read this far, you must be interested in the Entente

Apply for Membership or Diplomacy here

Come talk to us on IRC, #ONE (on coldfront)


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