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Vaule signs Outer Mongolia peace accord

Imperator Azenquor

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VNN News:

We have now received word that a comprehensive agreement has been signed between regional President Li and Vaule President Rokossovsky. The negotiations also included representatives from both sides including the Khambo Lama and Patriarch Aleksandar, and were concluded less than an hour ago. The Official text of the 32 page agreement has not yet been released to the press, but a general outline of the agreement has been sent to VNN.

The ambitious proposal redrew all of Vaule’s provincial boundaries and allocated new powers to individual provinces. Under the agreement, the provinces shall be allocated a certain degree of autonomy on internal affairs in addition to representation in the Central government

Outline of the governing agreement regarding the Outer Mongolian-Buryat region

1) Vaule’s provincial borders shall be redrawn to reflect the modern population shifts that have occurred

2) All provinces shall have the same level of autonomy, there shall no longer be special regions

3) Each province shall be granted a financial grant annually from the Central government to be used in the province. As such the provincial government shall be responsible for determining how the allocation will be spent each year.

4) Voting districts in the Outer Mongolian region have been modified to reflect the changes in population

5) Low ranking members of the MLA are granted a blanket amnesty from prosecution once they lay down their arms

6) The MLA shall be permitted to form a legitimate political movement as long as they sign the accord and adhere to the principles of non-violence

7) Outer Mongolia is not an independent state. Although the region has a unique culture and people, they are a unique province within a united Vaule

8) Unauthorized division aimed at separating Buryat areas from non-Buryat areas or vice versa shall be removed without exception

9) The region known as the “Outer Mongolian-Buryat Autonomous Region” shall henceforth be the Buryat Province with its capital city in Novaya Ulanbataar

10) The government shall engage in cross community talks led by the Patriarch and the Khambo Lama

11) The government will aim to complete 90% of the rebuilding process in the next ten months


With the agreements signed and reconstruction already 20% complete, the government is expected to call an election in the next few days. The Vaule Electoral Commission has also released a new provincial map of Vaule:


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