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Sacred Conflict


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Bishket, Altin Urda

The Tajiks that were evacutated following the nuclear terror attack had crowded into the north, mainly in the city of Bishket. Since the Golden Horde had been somewhat prepared for mass relocations, there wasn't the chaos that would have happened in other countries. Nevertheless, the atmosphere was tense....

".... Killing akaffirs (nonbelievers) for any reason is all right! We must bleed the enemy of Islam, and make sure the infidels are removed from the sacred lands!"

The Imam of Dunshanbe was giving his particular firebrand sermons to the huge group of muslims that had gathered. His fiery words, showing the truth of the world, had an enormous effect upon the people who could not keep up with how Islam had been almost destroyed in Central Asia in a short period of time. There were cries for blood, for jihad, for the new caliphate to rise up to save the faithful.

And in the background, the Staatssicherheitsabteilung was listening, trying to keep track of this potential source of dissent......

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