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In Search of Black Gold


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((Few details for spectators: We use 10x multipliers for soldiers, and count the "max purchase ammount" as the reserve troops, while for tanks we don't use multipliers, but the max purchase ammount + tanks we have ingame. No nukes, because there's no fun with them, this scenario will not affect CNRP, this is just a wargame for teh lulz, which is the only reason anybody does anything.))


In the office of the President, assistants and generals keep storming the room delivering bullettins and reports on the imminent conflict with Altin Urda. President Ilham Aliyev knew that time would have come, but it was the first time Azerbaijan was under attack, and he didn't know how much its armed forced would last against a far bigger invader. As diplomacy failed to absolve Azerbaijan from those fake terrorism accuses, the anti raid sirens woke up the whole city and the army activated all defense systems, from the coastal cannons to the reserve troops up to the mountains. Azerbaijan may be a weak country, compared to the attacker, but it would not surrender easily. As coastal city, Baku, the Capital of the Azerbaijani Republic, is well defended and fortified. A total of two divisions called "Baku North and Baku South" of 3000 men each are deployed on the north and the south side of the City, with a reserve force of 3 units of 1000 men, deployed on the north, the south, and the west outskirsts of Baku. Each unit is equipped with a few tanks and Shilka, but many BMP infantry fighting veichles, to deploy troops where needed.

The Armed Forces, counting on a 100.000 strong army, are preparing to repel the invasion coming from the other side of the Caspian Sea. The soldiers of the Azerbaijani Army are well trained hill and mountain fighters, aknowledging the enemy's superiority, they cannot stand sustained fire exchanges without suffering heavy losses, so they have always counted on natural environment and mobility rather than firepower. They fight as trained guerillas rather than organized battallions, their ambush skills are quite impressive. The armoured and mechanized divisions are equipped with well refurbished T-72 main battle tanks and many BMP infantry fighting veichles to guarantee the much needed mobility.

Unfortunately Azerbaijan has no Navy, but managed to fortify its coasts with a coordinated defense system of cannons and radar stations located on high strategic positions. Anything coming from east would be spotted in a matter of minutes.

The Airforce of Azerbaijan counts on 30 outdated F-86 fighters and a couple of Bristol Blenheim bombers, forcing the Ministry of Defence to convoy much of its resources to the production of the ZSU-23-4 lightly armored, self-propelled, radar guided anti-aircraft weapon system, also known as "Shilka".


A shilka moving to the coast line

Edited by President Aliyev
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