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The Order of Harmony

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I am going to tell you about a new founded alliance, the Order of Harmony or OH for short. We have just been founded and if you sign up now you can skip the application process and become a full-fledged member. We offer financial aid and a start-up aid. All the government positions save one are open so join now for priority. Check us out at:


Here is our charter:

I. Purpose

A. The purpose of the Order of Harmony is to be an alliance for nations needing help or a safe refuge.

B. The Order of Harmony is committed to its members and will protect its members that are attacked.

II. Government

A. The government is led by the Triumvirate. These three members are called Triums.

B. The Harmony Council is a council of five members that backs the Triumvirate and are heads of specific areas of government. Council Members are called Ministers.

C. The Assembly of Peers is the voice of the people. It is a group of nine members that pass ideas to the Harmony Council from the people.

III. Government Positions

A. Triums

1. Trium of War: Oversees formation of the military and authorizes wars and war aid.

2. Trium of Foreign Affairs: Oversees relations with other alliances and approves ambassadors.

3. Trium of Internal Affairs: Oversees approval of grants and new members and is responsible for the bi-weekly newsletter.

B. Ministers

1. Minister of Intelligence: Regulates spy attempts and the Special Ops.

2. Minister of Recruiting: Regulates recruiting and recruiting challenges.

3. Minister of Finances: Regulates cash flow between members, organizes bankers, and records debts.

4. Minister of Public Relations: Updates wiki and recruiting message on the CyberNations forums. Announces OH-related news.

5. Minister of Commerce: Oversees aid to non-alliance nations and organizes trade circles.

IV. Elections

A. Elections are held every two months.

B. Triums are elected for three months by the Harmony Council. After their term is done, they must get a 3-2 vote from the Harmony Council to be reinstated.

C. The Assembly of Peers and the Harmony Council are democratically elected by majority.

V. Membership

A. Members must first register on the forum.

B. Members must then sign-up on the thread.

C. Potential members will be masked as Validating and required to set their Alliance Affiliation to OH Applicant.

D. After the members successfully pass two test, they will be masked as a Member and required to set their Alliance Affiliation of the Order of Harmony.

VI. Protection

A. Members will always be protected if they are attacked unless an extenuating circumstance arises.

B. Members will not be protected if they declare war or an illegal tech raid.

VII. Legislative Process

A. Legislation is proposed by any member.

B. Assembly of Peers votes, and if a 5-4 majority arises the legislation goes to the Harmony Council.

C. The Harmony Council votes, and if a 3-2 majority arises the legislation is passed.

D. Passed legislation can be vetoed by the Triumvirate in a 2-1 vote.

VIII. Mergering/Disbandment

A. Possible mergers and disbandments must first by approved by the Triumvirate.

B. The decision will then be passed onto the members and if a 75% majority is reached then the merger of disbandment occurs.


Master Ninja, founder of the Order of Harmony.

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