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Federation of United Confederate Nations

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FUCN is an alliance that has now passed the 7 month milestone. We are now set in the ground of CN and are not going to move, disband, or merge.

We broke off of an alliance for many reasons and we now hold a belief of hearing the people's voice and not to have curtains in the .GOV (to an extent).

We have proved that we are going to continue to grow and that we won't back down.

We are in good with other alliances and not on bad terms with anyone.

We are still a pretty small alliance with a very friendly and easy to get along with.

We have plenty of experienced nations willing to help you out with anything from wars, money, to tech deals.

We have a great government that is for the people not the administration.

We have Government positions that any user can take part in.

We have open voting as well as a user friendly community.

We also have our own trailer xD.

YouTube Recruitment Video

FUCN Forums

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