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The entire nation of the CSSR had moved to full alert as the reserves were being mobilized from across the nation. The nations transporation and mobile system now fully operational had been cut off too civilians. Lu-65s had been mobilized into the air to secure the skies of the country as bombers and missiles were being fueled on the runway. Armored and mechanized infantry divisions were being amassed on the Northern and Eastern Borders, supply depots and fuel dumps were being filled to capacity.

"Move to Defcon 1." The General Secretary said from his office. He put his signature to paper, Barbarossa had begun.

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Once that the "Undergroundization" of the Factories, the Icelandic Recovery and the new series of Armored Vehicles were complete, Nordheim was finally able to kick into action, within one of its many bunkers, orders were given and the population went to their many lairs and minor bunkers for protection, the Einherjar were mobilized.

Some divisions had been previously transferred to Mainland Europe, and an elite group had arrived within the vicinity of the Ukraine as well, the tanks rolling forwards.

"Kampfgruppe Nordland and 1.sPzAb Hinna reporting in, assuming our pre-planned positions within T minus 230, we will then await further instructions. Feldmarschall Hrafnson Hinna, over and out. "

In a perfect formation the beautiful columns of brand new armor advanced through the terrain before "parking" attheir designated positions, with Prussian Discipline and Swiss Precission. They were ready.

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About two thousand troops were transported to the Ukraine. The Reichsvakt, Norsveas high class military, was mobilized and deployed to Stockholm and Trondheim. The Norsvean war machine had begun, and it could not be stopped. In the coming weeks, the force in the Ukraike was hoped to reach ten thousand.

Kaiser Magnus could be seen in his military uniform, as he would not take it off until the situation was over.

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The Slavorussian Empire takes notice of this mobilization of troops on our shared border with the CSSR. All outward appearances indicate that the CSSR and their allies have been plotting something sinister against Slavorussia. Slavorussia has taken its own military measures. Defense forces are elevated to Defcon 2, our missile defense systems are at full alert, and all cybernetic systems are being backed up in the event of a cyber attack. Counter measures are in place to slow tank movement, and soldiers are fortifying their positions. The Imperial Air Force is fueled and ready to go, and anti air guns are being deployed..

The Kremlin awaits word from the CSSR on their obvious military buildup. We don’t know exactly what’s going on, we will be prepared nonetheless.

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In the headquarters of the Reich Military High Command, the decision was reached to put all military forces on high alert. The preparations for all out combat had begun.

National Defense:

The National Defense Reserve were ordered to mobilize immediately. Most of these men were former Reichwehr soldiers, who were put on the inactive duty list. It would take up to 72 hours to fully mobilize these men, although it was estimated to be completed within 56 hours. All RADAR and Air Defense forces were put on high alert, with each geographical sector put on high alert as well. In the end, the Reich would become an impenetrable fortress.

German Army Deployments:

The German Army had been for weeks in advance. Some one-hundred thousand troops were now being deployed to the Ukraine, along with one thousand tanks, three hundred Arica-I Infantry Fighting Vehicles and dozens of supporting artillery pieces. These were to be moved by a combination of heavy transport and high-speed rail. This would ensure that they'd reach their destination within days.

The Luftwaffe

The Luftwaffe would be deploying a total force of three Lu-65 Squadrons, seven Lu-67 Squadrons, and ten bomber squadrons total. These forces would be fully equipped with the latest in guided bombs and air-to-air missiles. These forces would make up Luftflotte I and would operate from the Ukrainian threatre.

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Various members of the Tribal Council have expressed concern about these actions, particularly given that the majority of the Uralic peoples in the world live in Slavorussia, as well as our Bashkirs' Tatar and Chuvash brethren.

We would be more than willing to take in any Uralic or Turkic peoples displaced in the event of war.

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OOC: A bit of an off topic, but didn't Barbarossa die ungloriously by drowning?

IC: Dranaggan World Wide Aid Program recognizes nations making active military movements as automatically supplying a answer of "not recieveing aid". Re-distribution of previously allocated resources have now commenced.

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General intelligence reported a heightened and tense situation in Europe, although publicly it seemed as calm as ever. There were no specifics, but it gave the Western Republic an additional reason to move more forces in. Twenty squadrons of planes were lifted to Sicily, and a carrier battlegroup was moved to Sicily. There were three nuclear warheads on the island, ready in case of retaliation.

Hopefully they would not have to be used.

(ooc: just stating this ahead of time in case something happens and I need to get involved)

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ADI Head Command, Classified

"Sir, we're getting some sporadic intel of large mobilization in the CSSR."


"It could be in preparation to invade Slavorussia."

"Hmm, are you thinking of activating Operation Red Snow."

"If corporate gives the go ahead, I think this would be an excellent time to go through."

"You could technically be correct. Send the message up the ladder, and move some men over to the Solovetsky Islands, but be quiet about it. If RUSSIAN does not help, or if the war appears to be going well, be prepared to send a message to the involved parties."

"Anything else?"

"Don't do anything, or say anything until corporate says, we don't want an incident where one isn't needed. We won't do anything unless everything is perfect."

"Nothing is perfect... Sir."

"So we may not do anything."

Public Message

"We feel it is to early to jump to a conclusion on the troop surge into the CSSR. We would like to suggest that the matter, whatever it is, or if it even exists, be resolved by the parties in question, rather than with the interference of other nations, who will more than likely only complicate the matter."

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"Viniland is deeply concerned about the mobilization of many European countries without any apparent reason. We hope that any issue those countries may or not have end up being solved through diplomacy or other peaceful means, rather than one more war."


Intelligence agents in Europe are to be at the highest level of alert. A large-scale war may possibly break out.

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Given aggression levels, the already raised radiation alerts in Dragonisian India are raised to a continent wide alert in the event the worst happens, except right now it is only a category 2 event and the crops are not being "murder harvested" to try and preserve the food supply.. yet.

Stock prices in open markets in the theatre of conflict are beginning to plunge as Dragonisian's sovereign wealth fund begins to short potentially affected corporate entities with assets in the area. With little broad market support for threatened assets by individuals or world-wide funds an economic slide of unprecedented proportions begins in the area as companies try to assuage nervous investors.

As soon as stock values are assuredly crushed beyond all recognition and listed on the "pink sheets" due to the lack of defensibility of the security of the assets in the region, the Sovereign wealth fund then covers its shorts with purchases while maintaining a modest hedge position against possible additional price falls in the region and obtaining very minority ownership levels of the companies whose stock values it just destroyed.

The commodities markets go hot as the Sovereign Wealth fund begins to buy raw resource contracts in the region. They would be re-selling military materials in the region in the event of the war indirectly via options.

The exception to this equity leveraging rule is defense contractors in the region, which the Sovereign Wealth fund acquires and maintains a SMALL ownership of in order to profit in the event the companies are not destroyed in the conflict.

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