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Annotations From Dr. Dmitry Molotov

Cody Seb

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The Republik Balkan [union of Eastern Soviet Republics]

The public access broadcasting screen grid was up 100% for the first time since the war. Dmitry Molotov took his place in the broadcast room at the bottom of the Citadel, taking to his new position as General Secretary of the Balkans.

He tightened his navy blue tie as the camera crew prepped for transmission.


Dr. Molotov cleared his throat as he looked up. "Hello, people of the Union of Eastern Soviet Republics, the Republik Balkan. Today, we have completed the last stage of reconstruction. Now is not the time to rest, however. More work has yet to be done. Now, we enter into the phase of construction.

With the recent annexation of Montenegro, our population has grown just that much more. We are a land of the people, a worker's nation. It is my responisibility to make sure that that idea is sustained and organized into the best form that it can be on this earth. The proletariat we have built here shall not fail, not as long as I am at its stead.

We shall begin setting up agricultural centers in the heartiest regions around the Balkans. They shall feed the workers revolution that shall take place in the cities, which shall not be neglected. A 'modern industrial revolution' shall take place as our technology continues to be updated. We shall partition space for industry and commerce in our urban centers, as well as consolidating and updating residential areas and living quarters.

The state shall provide. Let not your hands fold in prayer out of fear, let not your throats want out of thirst, let not your stomach go unsustained out of hunger, lest your limbs and mind fail you. You shall receive as you give. Remain steadfast in the revolution, and everything you need shall be given to you.

Prepare yourselves, comrades. A great dawn is upon the Balkans. We have already stretched beyond what we were before the war. Now look into what we are about to become. We shall forsake the old ways and look unto a new way. Let me tell you one more thing; let not your mind fatigue your body with worry out of insecurity, for the state shall provide. Soon, you will never have to worry about your safety again."

Immediately after General Secretary Molotov's image disappeared, the flag of the Republik took its place, the national anthem looping until the same broadcast was made again.

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