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Sindh Representitive

KaiserMelech Mikhail

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With the transfer of power, and the recent terrorist attack, the Sindh provence is much less controlled than it should be. Kaisermelech Mikhail is devising several projects to bring the wild provence under proper authority. The first part of the plan is to chose a leader, who will represent the kaisermelech to the people of the provence, and to deliver the people's grievences to the capital in Marscury. These are the four choices that the people can vote on.


Ayelet Rona- Unity


-Daughter of one of the top bureaucrats in Marscury

-Wants increased assimilation of Sindh populace into Marscurian culture

-Favors direct rule by Kaisermelech

-Favors increased Marscurian military presence in the provence

-Supports rapid infrastructure and industry development in the region


Hans Fehr- Monarchist


-Claims to be distantly related to KM Mikhail

-Served in Marscurian army for 4 years

-Supports direct rule of provence by Kaisermelech

-Supports independence and development of Sindh and Urdu culture

-Would only enforce Marscurian culture in certain areas (Government forms, road signs, money)

-Favors moderate Marscurian military presence in the region

-Favors environmentally conscious development

-Supports increased transportation between the provence and Marscurian mainland


Kareem Salama- Sindh Republican


-Sindh native

-Educated in Europe and Marscury

-3 term mayor of Mithi

-Wants to form a representitive body to govern the province's day-to-day operations

-Supports local Sindh culture and people

-Would only enforce Marscurian culture in certain areas (Government forms, road signs, money)

-Favors low Marscurian presence, supports a mainly local Sindh-based protection force

-Wants development at a slow, but steady pace. Very conscious to protect the region's natural beauty


Mushar Ganesh- Urdu Autonomy


-Sindh native and nationalist

-Involved in politics since Dilberian era

-Devout Muslim

-Wants to turn the provence into a mainly autonomous region, with the Kaisermelech having very little influence

-Enormous support for Sindh culture, ignores all other cultures but his own

-Rejects Marscurian influence in all places except for money

-Rejects Marscurian military presence in the region, supports a Sindh-based militia

-Wants rapid development with little concern for the environment or the people

Voting will remain open for several days (closes Monday at 5:00pm CDT IRL). The candidates are willing to take questions the foreign press may have for them.

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*Message from the Order of the Templer*

"We have seen your choices are are displeased with them as none of them seem to be on the watch for the demons that encrouch on humanity's souls however, we have to allow allowences for those of less watchfullness and feel that as a religious man Mushar Ganesh is the best choice"

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How does each candidate view religion (Christian/Catholic)?


I am a practicing Jew, and my faith is important to my daily life, but I don't believe that it should be used extensively for political decisions. As for Christianity, all religions have a welcome place in the empire. While Christians make up less than 1% of the population of the provence, I believe that they should be given all oppurtunities available to people of all faiths.

Hans: I was raised in a somewhat mixed family. One of my grandparents was a Muslim, while the rest were Jews. While I am spiritual, and I do believe in God, I don't feel like I need to subscribe to a religion. I respect religion, and I feel like it gives people hope, but it is a personal choice. As for Christianity, I feel like it is a religion to be respected, and it should be allowed free practice. I do, however, reject the cause of missionaries. I feel like people should join a religion out of personal choice and an agreement with the tenents of the faith, not from fear of eternal damnation.


I was born in the provence, and like the vast majority of us, I am a Muslim. I follow the tenents of the faith, and I recently made the Hajj. I believe in a separation of church and state, however, religion does give many ideals of a good ruler. Christianity should be protected, as it gives thousands of people in the province hope and comfort, and that is religion's true reward.


I am a devout Muslim, like my whole family. I have made the Hajj several times and I deem Islam to be the true faith. While I don't believe in the tenents of Christianity, Jesus was a prophet of Allah, and his followers will be respected in accordance to the law.

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