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FnKa - MOON announcement

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Once in a blue moon (pun intended) you find two alliances that were meant to fall in love. This is proof that there is love at first sight. A few IRC raids later we present to you this treaty. Short and to the point.

Fearless Moon Pact

A Peace, Intelligence and Aid Treaty



To improve foreign relations between to great alliances and solidify the relations already enjoyed.

Article P: Peace

Each alliance agrees to not attack the other. This includes any form of attack which is; direct military attack, aiding the enemy, espionage or some other form of attack. This does not cover IRC raids and they are encouraged under this treaty.

Article I: Intelligence

Should one of the signatory alliances come into information that endangers the other then that alliance will be obligated to share that information with the other signatory alliance.

Article A: Aid

Each alliance is encouraged to aid the other in times of need. This is not mandatory but is highly encouraged.

Article T: Treaty

This treaty is a binding pact and as such so are the articles within. The signatory alliances should also realize that this is a friendship pact and as such each agrees to continue to open up foreign relations with other and continue to build on these relations. Should either alliance find irreconcilable circumstances with the other they may cancel this treaty and it will be void after a 72 hour cancellation (private or public) period.

Signed for FnKa:

Metal Shards, Prime Minister

SlientFury, Deputy Prime Minister

Azaarious, Minister of Internal Affairs

ArchSorcerer, Minister of Finance

Platino, Minister of Defense

Appoliqize, Minister of Recruiting

Yankeesfan924, Minister of Foreign Affairs

SkaPunk, Minister of Approval

BlackBlack, Minister of Communication

Signed for MOON:

Overlord Shinnra, Emperor

Mattski133, Imperial Regent

Homeboy, Imperial Chancellor

Diamond D, Imperial Duke

Kitler, Imperial Steward

o/ FnKa


o/ to new friends!

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Not congratulating anyone till FnKa releases their rebut rap song. -.-

o ejay o ejay u dont even no what u have instores comin to u my brotha lol hopefully if i dont crush u to much we can do a cabalo but until then :D gimmie 20 more mins and il send u the song hehe

o ejay o ejay... :lol:

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