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The Stocker's Accords

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The Stocker's Accords

Article 1- Sovereignty

Both NOD and UPA recognize that each other are sovereign alliances with sovereign governments. Any infringement upon this will make this treaty immediately void.

Article 2- Peace

Neither NOD or UPA shall take any aggressive action against one another directly or indirectly. Aggressive action is identified as DoW, spy action (in-game and off-game), and any other action that would hurt either UPA or NOD. Any break of this article will result in immediate cancellation of treaty.

Article 3- Intelligence

If either alliance has, or gets, information regarding the other alliance, they must immediately hand over that intelligence to the other alliance.

Article 4- Aid

Both NOD and UPA are encouraged, but not required, to send aid (Aid is classified as Money, tech, or Military assistence) to one-another when aid is requested.

Article 5- Cancellation

If either signatory wishes to cancel this aggreement they must give the signatory 48 hour notice.

For UPA:

President - sexysauce

Vice President - morrisons

Prime Minister - biain

For Nod:

XxSnipezxX, Kane

AllenKalashnikov, Kanes Right Hand

rrraul, Minister of FA

usmarines91, Minister of War

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