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Farkistan - CE MDP

Londo Mollari

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"We went to a fight and a hockey game broke out!", Mutual Defense Pact between Fark and Crimson Empire


Article I: Mutual Defence (The Hanson Brother clause)

Fark and Crimson Empire agree to lace up and drop the gloves for one another should

either Alliance face an attack.

Article II: Cancellation

If either Alliance feel the "Hansons" need to be permanently benched, a 72 Hr cancellation

notification shall be given in private.

Signed for Fark:

Triumvir of Beer: Notorious Coconut

Triumvir of Bacon: Docmeister

Triumvir of Boobies: BozDaBoz

Signed for Crimson Empire

Triumvir: Londo

Triumvir: Babyjesus

Triumvir: Azaghul

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