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Norway-Sweden News, Developments and Movements

Il Terra Di Agea

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Massive Infrastructure Repairs Planned

In the wake of the European war, and with several, new metropolitan areas completed, the states of Murmansk and Finnmark are undergoing massive Infrastructure repair at the expense of the company. After some time, the neglected state of Finnmark has only worsened in the passing months of unusually cold winter, brought on by the nuclear blasts several hundred miles south. The people have largely been living out of tents in the streets of the neglected cities.

Investigation of one of the larger cities (Large being a relative term, as the city has only 17,000 inhabitants) showed a rather desolate, depressing feel to the collapsing city.


The local town hall, beginning to collapse

The dilapidation in Finnmark is substantially greater than that of Murmansk, but breaking roads, and the unseasonable cold have greatly affected them also.

Government Agricultural Surplus Program Nearing Completion

The Agricultural Surplus Program, according to on site reporters, is nearing completion in its Balsfjord (In the state of Troms) location. Using recycled output water, and abandoned, or empty mines, the ASP is capable of growing enough food to feed an entire town of 5,000 for up to eighteen months. At this time, the system is in it's "Filling" stage, where city output (Primarily compost and municipal waste) are funneled in, where it passes through several miles of pipe to the offshore island where it is left to sit. After two to six months, depending on the temperature, the fertilizer is rich enough to support any form of root vegetables, and mushrooms.


Engineers check the 107 m cap for imperfection and holes before the Filling stage begins

OOC: The ASP is simple, sewage goes in, food comes out, they use big words so people don't get scared of living off the nutrients left by their feces and garbage :awesome:

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Classified: Security 19

Mine 317: Report...............Operation: Worm

Remains under quarantine

Several drones have been sent in both directions of the Tunnel

Left has provided some images of a slightly damaged power generation systems

---Seem to be beneath a sizable crack in the bedrock

---Upper areas of the Stirling engines seem to be greatly damaged by falling rocks and rubble

---No life form except small rats, some stray cats, and an abnormally large moth population

Right has been inconclusive

---Several images of people before the probes could be destroyed

------They, as a whole, seem slightly emaciated, somewhat dirty, and disoriented

------Lights seem unusually dim

------Some sewage release, likely from damaged pipes

------Non-Visual probes are showing a temperature of 79 Degrees Fahrenheit

------High methane and CO2 concentration in tunnels

Above ground search has yielded few traces of the city's existance

---Some damaged and some functioning air intakes have been found

------There are likely many more that have remained hidden, further search is ongoing

---Many heavily damaged cement structures hidden among rocks and beneath small cities have been found, presumably entrances

---Scanning has shown one fairly deep ocean fissure with finished concrete, and signs of former life withing, likely an un-intended collapse of an upper level, further searches will be done to fine the nature of the collapse

---One known sewage pipe has been sealed by city builders who believed it was simply a storm drain, all of which were sealed in a similar manner to be routed into water cleaning facilities

------Possible reason for sewage backup in structures

Plan of Action:

1. Enter right side of tunnel, heavily armed, and wearing urban combat armor

2. Attempt to liberate people, and spread word about liberation

3. If liberation fails, or shots are fired agaisnt ADI men, leave a message stating intent to block air passages

4. Wait 48 hours, and proceed to block airways for 192 hours, at which point the already elevated methane and CO2 levels will snuff out remaining population

If 2 succeeds:

5. Transport all willing persons to Mariehamm Arms Company, along with medium level security documents and any machined goods

6. All high security documents, as well as a gift will be sent with Komeil to Uberstein for safe keeping. Komeil has orders to go to wherever Uberstein is held out, and leave the vehicle he traveled in, travel as far from the place as possible, and return to ADI by air, to keep Ubersteins location known only to Komeil, and no one else

7. No original documents are to be kept, only copies of medium level documents, and anything to large to remove

8. Anything left unclaimed will be destroyed

Signed in Authorization:


To Be Commenced: ???

OOC: Y'all may remember Ubie's underground cities, one is in Svalbard, the rest is self explanitory

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Classified: Security 8

In preparation for the possible outbreak of war, and the possible use of operation Red Snow, ADI is on full military alert, and Defcon has been raised to 3

---Strategic bombers have been placed in the air a precaution

------They are to stay airborne twenty four hours at a time, leaving 30 in the air at a time

---------15 TU95s, 15 Tu-22Ms

---9K37 Buk anti-air missiles systems are being activated and stocked for the first time since the founding of the company

---Many (100) FH-70 have been deployed to Solovetsky Islands, and armed with a specialized ammunition, allowing an effective range of 30km

--- 150,000 Men have been moved to the Solovetsky Islands and to the Kola Peninsula

---50,000 men have been moved to the Molakian Border

------Also armed with the FH-70

---Cruise missiles, especially those armed with Chemical weapons have been armed


Twelve "Attack Spheres", identical to those taken from former Agea, will be armed and dropped for testing purposes during this war

---As their design would necessitate, they will be dropped three at a time via helicopter onto relatively flat ground

All soldiers in the vicinity of the attack sphere fences should carry an IR beacon that will be distributed within the next three days

---It is necessary that they wear it to prevent accidental death by smashing

All tanks that will be sent into that area will also carry beacons

It is unknown if the spheres will complete their tasks, but early testing is promising

OOC: And before anyone asks, yes, the IR beacons would make the soldiers light up to anyone looking. It's a trade off, possibility of being shot to bits in exchange for not being crushed by an 18 ton steel sphere.

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OOC: War? Did I miss something?

OOC: It's for the possible use, in case ADI goes to war, since there are plans for an invasion that would require a distraction in the south. I clarified that with an edit in my earlier post.

Edited by Il Terra Di Agea
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Classified: Security 8

Defcon moved to four, following an announcement that the troops in the CSSR were moved to do a military exercise, rather than wage war.

Infrastructure Repairs Moving at Full Speed

Infrastructure Repairs throughout the nation are moving at full speed. Everyone free from work, for whatever reason, and a large percentage of the Janitorial staff have been allocated to construction and repair work. In many places, entire cities are being rebuild except for the oldest, most prized buildings.


Workers begin building an office building in Murmansk

It is still unknown when the repairs will be completed, but many speculate that it is less than a year before the majority of projects will be finished.

Large Land Grant From Former Magentian Government

In a somewhat startling move by Stockholders Association and the former nation of Magenta, all Magentian lands have been ceded to ADI for large, cash payoffs to all government personnel, from heads of state to police, and promise of freedom for the people. The Executives of the company are currently searching for a good use of the land, and early reports indicate use of undeveloped land as an agricultural center.

The problem raised though, is that many of the people are already showing signs of dislike for their new rulers, stating that they will do everything in their powers to be under local rule. Already some cities in the south have attempted to declare independence as city states, free for ADI reign, while most northern cities are reacting rather well to the change in rule.

In another, rather strange event, in protest of their homeland's new rule by outside forces, many Moroccan employees have been going on strike for the freedom of their families. Despite being relatively small, these strikes are a worrying omen for things to come.

OOC: The guy gave me his land a while ago OOC, this is the first chance I've had to RP it. I intend fully to make an RP out of it, and by no means will be keeping all the land. Anyone who has a suggestion, feel free to yell it at me, IC or OOC :awesome:

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OOC: The guy gave me his land a while ago OOC, this is the first chance I've had to RP it. I intend fully to make an RP out of it, and by no means will be keeping all the land. Anyone who has a suggestion, feel free to yell it at me, IC or OOC :awesome:

OOC: Give me your land. :awesome:

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OOC: Hmm Svalbard I wonder if you would find my black mesa facility? It was a simple storage and containment facility that held a number of deadly chemical and radioactive materials :)

OOC: Basement regions of it, probably. On the surface, however, most of it would be destroyed from Triyun's bombing of the majority of the above ground infrastructure, and that's how I've been RPing.

IC:Situation In New Territories Worsens

The situation in the New ADI territories worsened today, as violence erupted in the southern areas of the grant region. At this time, 10,000 ADI soldiers are being moved out to try and re-stabilize the region, but many employees and executives are worried that this will raise massive issues, and possible jar the stability of the region beyond repair.

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Classified: Security 9

Inter Office Communique: 4/1

R&D: Hey, we heard you guys in weapons development needed something to disable tanks, and we just finished work on this A/B foam, it's got a four pound density, 90% growth in five minutes, completely hardened in ten to fifteen, and a tensile strength of 150 psi, more or less. We though it could be mounted in some sort of missile, hits a tank, and coats it. That way, we kill the tank, and be able to clean the foam off from outside and salvage later. You interested?

WD: Sounds cool. Anything else important before you send?

R&D: Yah, stuff gets hot really fast, like 120 F before it finished rising, and it doesn't form a coherent skin, looks damn ugly, but it works.

WD: Sounds good, bring it over.


WD: Hey, we have an issue getting the foam to expand on contact and spread well, you have any more ideas?

R&D: Hmm, well, you could put two vials, one of A, and one of B, connect them, and have them shoot out right before the missile hits, that way you get a maximum coverage.

WD: Will that be enough to still jam up a turret?

R&D: It should, especially if it gets under between it and the bottom parts.

WD: Sounds good.


WD: !@#$ man, we have some problems.

R&D: What?

WD: The stuff is too hot, and too hard to break up, we didn't want lethal, we wanted to be able to clear the people out, but the foam is turning the tanks into an oven.

R&D: Well, use that to your advantage. We wouldn't use this on someone we like, this would be fore enemies, and the less men they have, and less mouths we have to feed the better.

WD: Still, what if we use these in urban scenarios.

R&D: Use a bigger bomb, with more bomblets. Spreads out a bit more, and keeps people in their homes, but it still floods the streets, and probably ends up trapping the tanks when they try to push over.

WD: Makes sense...

R&D: Anything else?

WD: Nope, all good. We'll get to work weaponizing the foam for the tanks a bit more, and work on the larger bomb.

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Classified: Security 9

Inter Office Communique: 4/5

WD: We just threw together the next prototype, and things are looking good. In the more miltarized version we added some lengths of steel chord to help hold the foam tight, and to make it harder to dig through.

R&D: Awesome. Any luck getting the urban combat one up and running?

WD: Not let, it's still in design, but we think that 25 gallons should expand to fill a decent sized roadway, clog up some doors, or block a freeway.

R&D: Good, well, sounds like our work is done, eh?

WD: Sounds like. Thanks for the stuff.

R&D: No problem

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In a frightening and exciting turn, Corporate has approved a motion from State legislature to pass a formalized constitution to serve as a guide for more than a company, but the nation formed by it.

1. We hereby establish that the name of the federation shall be the “United Federation of ADI”

2. We hereby assert the equality of the separate states with the federation government. Each state retains its sovereignty, freedom, and independence, and every power, jurisdiction, and right, which is not by this federation expressly delegated."

3. We hereby establish that the United Federation as a new nation, a union of sovereign states, united for their common defense, the security of their liberties, and their mutual and general welfare, binding them to assist each other, against all force offered to, or attacks made upon them.

4. We hereby establish freedom of movement–anyone can pass freely between states, excluding all those whom hold duty to their state, whether in the form of service or justice. All people are entitled to the rights established by the state into which he travels. If a crime is committed in one state and the perpetrator flees to another state, he will be extradited to and tried in the state in which the crime was committed.

5. The Federation hereby allocates one vote in the Congress of the federation to each state. Members of Congress are appointed by state legislatures, and also consist of a board of high ranking stockholders and Company officials; individuals could not serve more than three out of any six years. Congress is to be presided over by the ruling CEO and COO.

6. Only the central government is allowed to conduct foreign relations and to declare war. No states may have navies or standing armies, or engage in war, without permission of Congress (although the state militias are encouraged).

7. When an army is raised for common defense, colonels and military ranks below colonel will be named by the state legislatures.

8. Expenditures by the United Federation will be paid by funds raised by state legislatures, and apportioned to the states based on the real property values and production capability of each.

9. We hereby define the powers of the central government: to declare war, to set the value of coinage, and for Congress to serve as a final court for disputes between states.

10. We now define a Committee of the States to be a government when Congress is not in session.

11. We reaffirm that the federation accepts all debt incurred by Congress before the Articles.

12. All states hereby agree to take on any project commanded by the company. If state funds are too sparse to complete the project, it must alert the company rather than leave the project unfinished, under penalty of heavy fines.

13. No state may outsource work to an external entity without Company approval.

14. All states have the right to bring amendments to be voted upon by the Congress that does not infringe on the before mentioned articles.

The First meeting of congress is scheduled to occur in 24 hours, to discuss the situation in the new territories, and come to a conclusion as to how they should be handled.

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For the purposes of Relaying messages and information, a hard-line will be lain to connect ADI territory, from Svalbard, to Bear Island, and into the further south Scandinavian territories. This system will be heavily armored to prevent breaking of the line, and will remain classified, the less people know about this, the more secure. Alongside this, will be a dummy network on the surface, any attempt to hack it will be recognized, and the network will fire trillions of terabytes of worthless data, which will, ideally, overload the infiltrators computers, and prevent another attack. All Security 9 or higher information will continue to be sent in hard-copy form, with the usual encryption.


The following waters are hereby closed.


Any attempt to enter them is a declaration of war on ADI. Sorry for any inconvenience, but it is for your own safety. We have reason to believe that large natural gas bubbles in the area, being freed by tectonic movement of the Earth's crust could dislodge them, creating a deadly area of poisonous and highly flammable air that could be detrimental to both wildlife and humans. The waters will be closed until the issue is cleared up.

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