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need an alliance to join for my nation Jewish Indistan


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Hey, check out the Confederation of Independent States (CoIS)!

We offer protection from other nations and we also have some open government positions we are looking to fill. We have very few members and you would be a great nation to have in our alliance.

If you decide to join register at our forums located at http://www.z3.invisionfree.com/confedindep...dex.php?act=idx

I hope to see you on our forums!!!


President and Founder of the CoIS

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i have created a new nation, have started over, been inactive for over a week, give me a break.

I have made several posts very strongly stating my position that Perma-ZI is bad.. and IP-Perma-ZI (tracking IP's and Zi'ng newly created nations by players that deletd their old) is even worse.

Every one deserves a second chance.. or in your case a third... or fourh ... :)

So welcome back!!

Dont get in trouble. I see you have a 'Pirate' alliance.. but the winds have changed: \m/ is gone, Goons is gone and the Cartel just got crushed becaused it did some raiding.



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