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The Sekolah Phoenix Treaty

A The Phoenix Federation-Bantuan Operasional Sekolah Mutual Aggression and Defense Pact.

Part One: Intel

TPF and BOS agree to share intel about threats to one or both of them.

Part Two: Peace

TPF and BOS agree to not spy on or declare war on each other or their allies or help another party to do so.

Part Three: War

TPF and BOS agree to work together in both aggression and defense. If one alliance needs help militarily, the other will provide it if asked.

Part Four: Cancelation

This treaty may be canceled by either party for any reason with 24 hours notice. At that time, a 24 hour cooling off period will begin during which the non aggression pact with still be in effect. After the 24 hours, no such rules apply.

Signed for TPF

BurningGlory, Evil Overlord

Bionic_Redhead, Evil Underlord

Signed for BOS

Arafuru, Kepala Sekolah

Blackorchid, Guru Olahraga

tukangsate, Guru Bahasa Inggris

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lol, we are already treatied to them via the initiative bloc, they just wanted to make it formal and i agreed...:P

In that case, you have like >9000 treaties.

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