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I have seen the logo's put forth out there from all you talented Planet Bob people. Just amazing. I want to start a contest for a logo I need for work. I am paying out in Tech. 300 tech to the winner/winners. ( Ihave some middle men) I apologize mods if this is not the right place/format.

What is needed in the logo:

1. The words "Change is coming" or "Don't fear the Change"or something very similar. Change being the key word.

2. A pink Elephant. (Don't ask LOL)

One Idea I would like to see is a pair of tusks "riping" through the background and a pink elephant trunk poking out. The words "Change IS Coming" across the image.

Something along those lines. This is not a joke...I know it sounds corny.

I look forward to seeing some of the work. Any questions PM me in game or here.

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