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How do I grow


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I have just started, I have a small country, I have all trade slots full, but have neither the money nor the resources to do anything to grow anymore..

is it just a case of paying bills and collecting taxes everyday for a few weeks before i can do anything pro-active to make it grow? Or are there things i can do now?

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To start with join an alliance,

Look around the boards, find one you like the look of and go sign up on there forums / chat to them on irc and see if you fit

Once there find they can teach you about the following

1) Tech Selling

2) Back Collections

3) Optimised Trade Setups

4) Optimising your nation

all of which will help you grow quicker,

If you don't want to be in a formal alliance, then try CTC

else MHA or OTF would both be good choices

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