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/A\/A\ Official Announcement


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Official /A\/A\ Uber Announcement


Cybergins! I come to you with a official /A\/A\ update.

*rubs aloe on back*

/A\/A\ would like to personally welcome everyone back from their Spring Break. Like most Cybergins, you didn't go anywhere. Spent most of your time in front of the computer with your tighty whiteys at your ankles. If they can make it that far. They don't call them tighty whiteys for no reason do they EHHHH *jabs ribs with elbow* I mean I remember the times during the days of the Republic.. very constricting...

With this return to service. I would like to announce a new mandate made by myself... the supreme Allied commander of the european forces during 1943-1945... We shall now make a very annoying and unnecessary announcement every week. I do apologize for this. But some Defensive people have been questioning our current status. So i must evoke our unspoken "reach around clause" so that everyone gets the warm fuzzies. A lot of people for some reason keep asking if my alliance is dead yet. Like they want me to fail? I find this very disturbing, but not surprising. The caliber of people asking such questions have either rerolled due to exile or fail to follow through on anything they say. I for one am sticking with it. It's not easy being a small alliance leader. Many have been there, few have survived. I mean the constant measuring of "parental endowment" is non-stop. Although I like to think i have a huge ginormous throbbing "parental endowment" to measure against everyone else.

So with all that said... HI! My name is UberSpion, and today I bring you something rather interesting.

/A\/A\ will be sponsoring a "State of Current Affairs Propaganda Contest." Located here




please note that it is >500k of AWESOME... any question of this shall result in massive loads of spittle spots on my monitor.

Thank you for your time,

UberSpion - Triumvirate of LULZ



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