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Lines Being Drawn Looking Like Boobies


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There once was a giant chicken, and some weird sponge. They decided that to rule the world they needed to work together, for the giant chicken could not assimilate other beings, and the sponge could not walk. Thus this treaty was born.

Article I - Respect

As a show of respect to each other, Electron Sponge and Chickenzilla must troll and/or insult each other once a month minimum to show their manliness.

Article II - Trolling

Electron Sponge and Chickenzilla that many people dislike them, as such, said members will defend each other from trolls on the forums, but not IRC.

Article III - Huggles

Electron Sponge and Chickenzilla agree that huggling is bad, and either signatory will go out of his way to stop huggles.

Article IV - Imperial Green Village

Both Electron Sponge and Chickenzilla realize that the Imperial Green Village is a mere extention of the New Pacific Order.

Article V - Warfare

If either Electron Sponge or Chickenzilla is attacked, the signatory not involved in the war will do everything in his power to defend the signatory in the war if the uninvolved signatory feels like it. Otherwise tough luck.

Article VII - Whiskey

The signatories agree that the drink of choice is Middleton Irish Whiskey and that it's to be drank in copious amounts. The cost shall be shared as the drink is shared.

Article VIII - Termination

Why sign a treaty if you are gonna cancel it?

Signed for the nation of Moghedien

Chickenzilla, Viceroy of Kentuky Fried Chicken, Head of the Imperial Green Village's Aeronotics Department.

Signed for the rogue nation of Llamatopia

the Reverend Doctor Electron Sponge, Archbishop of Vox Populi, Senator and Minister of Science of Vox Populi, Imperator Emeritus of the New Polar Order, Admiral of the Greenland Republic Iceberg Armada and Viceroy of the Orange Defense Network. also hello

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