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Zhongshan Base in Antarctica

comrade nikonov

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A small convoy of ships had left Xiajing capital the week before, being carefully escorted by a shadow of stealth warships. Soon it made its way down the Indian ocean, into the Antarctic. When the scientists had been satisfied, they shored up on the ice and started construction of the largest research lab in all of IndoChina. Zhongshan Base, as it was called, named after the father of Modern China, Sun Yat-sen.


Initiation of Projects 919, 920, 921 ordered immediately:

Project 919


Goal: provide nuclear capability for the IndoChina.

Completion: 19% (May 1st)

Project 920


Goal: provide nuclear defense capability for IndoChina.

Completion: 6% (June 1st)

Project 921


Goal: provide social security for the IndoChina.

Completion: 3% (July 1st)

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