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Molon Labe Special Breaking News Bulletin


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KSwiss2783 Struck by Terminal Gender Flip!

Earlier this week, KSwiss2783, Minister of Foreign Affairs for Molon Labe, was diagnosed with terminal Gender Flip disease, a disease which causes those affected to swap genders, usually at the derision and laughter of their friends. KSwiss2783 has always had a mild case of Gender Flip Disease, causing those that didn't know him to mistake him for the opposite gender. However, the disease took a turn for the terminal last week when KSwiss2783 was hit by a bus full of juvenile deliquents on their way back from high school.

KSwiss2783 had this to say about the incident.

"Maybe I can get those aliens to abduct me and fix all this," he said. "They seem like they probably could."

Local Despot TheShoveler had this to say in rebuttal.

"No big loss if you don't," The Shoveler said, cracking a wide grin. "Not like you ever had the correct parts anyways."

KSwiss2783 was later seen fantastically drunk in a bar, trying to grab his drink, a Shirley Temple, from the bar and failing.

Doctor Patrick Hobkins of the Great University of Isengard has suggested a highly controversial, highly experimental surgery to rectify the Minister of Foreign Affairs' condition.

"The risks involved are great, of course," Doctor Hobkins said. "For one thing, it could turn him into an eunich. Or an angry elder god. We don't think it'll turn him into the incredible hulk, but that's only because we felt the risk of using gamma radiation was simply too great."

In other news, a juvenile deliquent was caught earlier spray painting profanities on KSwiss2783's mailbox and has been made into a human targetting device for a random one of Glocknation's nukes as punishment.

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